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Taylor Corporation Pushes Commercial Print Boundaries with the Implementation of Production Inkjet

October 29, 2020 – During these challenging times, it is imperative for commercial print companies to offer flexibility, media versatility, and superior print quality to their customers. Since the implementation of inkjet, Taylor Corporation has been able to expand its offerings by migrating higher-volume jobs from offset to digital inkjet, mainstream commercial and digital work at a lower cost of ownership, as well as embed a more targeted approach to market segments with product sets.

Since the addition of the Canon ProStream to Taylor Corporation’s print workflow, the press’ capabilities have enabled the organization to boost production levels, reduce turnaround times, and increase profit margins across a wide range of applications, including premium and high-volume direct mail, books, catalogs, and magazines. 

“The ProStream’s ability to help us adapt to the changing needs of our customers has helped us create new market opportunities. Whether we are putting a mail piece in the mail stream with verified data match or creating one-off books that ship the same day or sit on a shelf for distribution, all produced on the same press in the same hour, is really what differentiates this press from others,” said Mike Robinson, group president, Taylor Corporation. “With this print production solution, we no longer have to narrow our focus to just one, two, or three market segments. We are now able to expand our focus across many different market segments due to the flexibility the press gives us by leveraging the total cost of ownership and the ability to create new ideas, products and solutions for our customers.”

Since Taylor Corporation has been able to expand their segment offerings with superior quality and flexibility, they were able to expedite the supply of products and solutions to help their clients combat the spread of COVID-19. From signage systems and healthcare labels to compliance communications and more, Taylor Corporation was able to take a proactive approach in offering its customers support on a variety of needs and services, while maintaining the health and safety of their employees.

Building upon their established menu application, Taylor Corporation offered an immediate solution to its customers in the food service business by printing QR codes for their establishments designed to promote and ease their transition to minimizing touch points.

“At a time when our customers needed us most, we were able to quickly and effectively meet their high-speed variable print needs with the added benefit of greater flexibility in finishing.  It’s allowed us to cut out unnecessary steps and processes on our end”, said Jay D. Parker, chief supply chain officer, Taylor Corporation. “We are grateful to have the ability to respond to changing market needs during such a challenging time.”

Image of the ProStream at Taylor Corporation

Image of the ProStream at Taylor Corporation taken on the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III

“It is extremely rewarding to hear positive feedback about our products and solutions from our customers, and learn how these solutions have helped enable them to create new and innovative opportunities for their business,” said Peter P. Kowalczuk, president, Canon Solutions America, Inc. “At Canon Solutions America, Inc., we share our customers’ passion for print and always enjoy highlighting the successes they achieve through utilizing our technology."

Taylor Corporation continues to create innovative opportunities for its customers. The expansive options afforded by ProStream allow the company to market itself in a unique way and offer a variety of print options their customers may not have known were possible.

For more information on how the ProStream helps our customers lead in the commercial print space, please visit csa.canon.com.

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