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JetStream Dual Color Inkjet

Web-fed Color Presses

JetStream Dual Color Inkjet Production Printer Brochure

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JetStream Dual Color Inkjet Production Printer Spec Sheet

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  • Up to 656 ft/min (200mpm) high-speed printing with multi-level image quality
  • Field proven technology
  • Includes latest innovations of DigiDot inkjet technology
  • 2,860 letter per minute for high production-runs in shortest lead times
  • Full AFP color management with migration support to full-color printing
  • Integrated MICR printing

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Inkjet DigiDot drop-on-demand, piezoelectric
Ink Water based dye and pigment, InkSafe technology (contact your local sales representative for details)
Operating Canon next generation look & feel user interface
Paper Transport Pinless, tight web, automatic tension control
Paper Input Tight web unwinder (included in basic unit)
Paper Output Open post-processing interface with Type1 connectivity
Print Resolution 600 × 600 dpi with 2-bit multilevel option
Page Composition Simplex configuration: 2-up simplex
I-Twin / L-Twin / H-Twin: 2-up duplex
Print Speed Letter Images Per Minute Simplex configuration: 536
I-Twin / L-Twin / H-Twin: 1,073
Duty Cycle Per Month Simplex configuration: 6-28 million letter images
I-Twin / L-Twin / H-Twin: 5-65 million letter images
Print Width 6.5"-21.25"
Page Length 6"- 54"
Paper Width Simplex 6.5"-21.25"
Paper Width Duplex 6.5"-21.25"
Paper Configuration I-Twin / L-Twin / H-Twin
Simplex configuration: not applicable
Paper Weight 60–160 gr/m2
Extended Paper Weight 30 - 300 GSM (with testing)
Substrates Preprinted, inkjet, laser and recycled newspaper
Reel Shafts 70 mm, 3", 5" and 6"
Physical Data (Roll to Roll)
Length (without paper) Simplex configuration: 137 inches
I-Twin: 357 inches
L-Twin: 283 inches
H-Twin: 268inches
Width (without paper) Simplex configuration: 55 inches
I-Twin: 55 inches
L-Twin: 197 inches
H-Twin: 283 inches
Height 78.74 inches
Weight (without paper) Simplex configuration: 5,512 lbs    
I-Twin / L-Twin / H-Twin: 11,685 lbs
Power Requirements
USA 60Hz Simplex printer configuration: 208v 100 Amp
I-Twin / L-Twin / H-Twin printer: 2 - 208v 100 Amp connections
Temperature Optimal range 68–79 °F, limited range 61–84 °F
Humidity Optimal range 40–60%, limited range 30–80%
Operating noise Maximum 75 dB
Controller SRA MP third-generation, high-performance blade processors
Printer Data Format AFPDS, PDF, PCL , Line Data* , LCDS*, Metacode*, PostScript*, PPML*, TIFF*, VIPP* * Via PRISMAproduction
Print Manager (optional) PRISMAproduction
Connectivity Gigabit Ethernet
Options (Under Review)
Available Color Configurations Simplex configuration: 1/0–6/0
I-Twin / L-Twin / H-Twin: 1/1–6/6
MICR and Special Colors Available for all configurations.
Web Inspection Camera Available for all configurations.
Rewind Unit Available for all configurations.
Operator Attention Light Available for all configurations.
Paper Dust Elimination System Available for all configurations.
Adobe PDF Print Engine 2.5 Available for all configurations.
Operator Calibration Available for all configurations.
2-bit Multilevel Available for all configurations.

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Product Demos

JetStream 1000 High Speed Inkjet Web Press Demo


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