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Therefore™ - Information Management and Workflow

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Therefore Brochure

Therefore Brochure


Therefore™ is about streamlining your business, so you can focus on the big picture and not the day-to-day stumbling blocks.

Securely storing business documents is vital to any company.

Retrieve reports in real-time to improve business processes. Capture – Capture and organize information, free of paper.

Therefore™ easily integrates with many other software solutions.

File Management
Compile documents together without any extra effort.

Collaborate on documents with ease and enhanced tracking features.

Emails can not only be saved, but can help automate business processes.

Manage legally binding, document signing processes online.

Therefore™ easily integrates with many other software solutions.

Employees can access all their information whenever they need it, without compromising security.

Allow unlimited read-only access to external users.

Save time and streamline your business processes with a digital workflow.

MS Office Integration
Therefore™ can integrate directly into MS Office applications, it doesn’t get more user-friendly than that!

This feature allows for increased flexibility and an intuitive way of getting more information into Therefore™.

Simplify file searching with advanced search options, including full-text, and metadata tools.

Drag and Drop
Getting files into Therefore™ is as simple as drag and drop.

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White Paper

What is Document Management?

Document management is a program or set of programs used to track and store electronic documents. It typically has version control and audit capabilities. Other features include capture, collaborative creation tools, search capabilities, security, workflow, and routing capabilities. Document management solutions range in size and complexity from small, standalone systems to complex enterprise-wide deployments.

Document management has some overlap with content management systems. It can be a component of enterprise content management (ECM) systems and related to digital asset management (DAM) and records management systems. An important component of most DM solutions is converting hard copy to digital. This is often done using a multidfunctional peripheral (MFP) that can scan, print, and play a role in automating workflows.

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Case Study

How Therefore™ Boosts the Efficiency of Canon Solutions America's Human Resources Department

As a national company with hundreds of locations across the country, Canon Solutions America has nearly 6,000 employees, each having his or her own set of files and records for the Human Resources department to manage. The Melville, NY headquarters had dedicated areas for all the paper files that needed to be stored. As such, finding a specific document could be very time consuming.

Human Resources associates would typically search through several filing cabinets for multiple files after receiving requests for documents. These files had to be scanned one by one, creating several PDF documents in the process. In addition to simple file maintenance, an ongoing need to identify files that could be sent to storage and those that needed to be extracted from storage would add significant time to the associates’ workload due to the manual process, as well as incurring significant costs to the company.

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Case Study

Weastec Expands Lean Principles to Document Processes with Therefore™

Weastec, a global manufacturer of vehicle electronic components, needed document management software solutions to help streamline business processes and workflows across all of their departments. They were looking for a unified workflow that could move documents through Shipping, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable. Additionally, they faced challenges with their travel expense report system–which, for a globally situated company, is a significant factor. The right system was needed to help automate the entire process, from the employee submitting records to the executive approving the expenses.

Most manufacturers embrace lean principles for their production processes, yet often these same companies fail to implement “lean” across the rest of their organizations. Many areas of Weastec had paper-driven workflows which were legacy processes, but had not yet been analyzed to discover potential opportunities for improvement. Weastec recognized that lean document processes would help them improve in many areas such as productivity, customer service, and profitability.

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Why Information Management

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Are you Managing your Documents or Are They Managing You?

Document management systems help give you greater control over your documents with audit, search, security, workflow, and routing capabilities. They also track and store data, help reduce costs, and help you meet regulatory requirements.

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