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Conveyance provides coherence, predictability and stability to automate short runs for both novices and those experienced in JDF workflows. Conveyance manages the entire print production process, as well as the print product lifecycle, in a very detailed manner to fully recognize the efficiencies of digital short run.

Based on a Microsoft Windows 10 Pro platform, Conveyance intuitively provides job grouping and job splitting, while keeping track of order integrity, and utilizes standard CIP4 signature folds to paginate singlesheet bindery automatically. Conveyance provides inline cover to text block authentication, flexibility for late bindery decisions or rush jobs, and manages reprints from the main production. Finally, Conveyance enables communication to finishing devices that are both JDF-enabled or barcode-driven, inline or nearline.

Through JDF/JMF protocol to MIS or ERP and operation dashboard displays, Conveyance communicates realtime order status throughout the production process, giving commercial printers and book manufacturers the ability to work more efficiently. It drives profitability by reducing manual intervention, limiting paper changes, streamlining workflows, and steadily helping to reduce the cost of short-run digital production.

Canon Solutions America has been a pioneer in inkjet printing for years mainly due to our ability to solve complex processes that include workflow, finishing and integration. With our inkjet reputation, we are in prime position to promote cutting-edge software into a marketplace that has shown a true need for the short-run digital print workflow management and automation – namely the book manufacturing and commercial print digital market.

This streamlined communication between print requester and print provider enables them to work together to:

  • Utilize a common language to support comprehensive lifecycles of print jobs
  • Quickly react to changes in the market, producing digital short runs to accommodate unexpected demand
  • Release batches to meet SLAs
  • Authenticate binding covers/text blocks
  • Fulfill orders with many line items
  • Track and manage entire process
  • Handle reprints and rush jobs
  • Implement a decentralized printing model, where book files are sent to book manufacturers in the market where there is a demand
  • Enable new market opportunities for out of print titles, four color trade books, or personalized books
  • Reduce inventory costs and waste

As a pioneer in inkjet printing, Canon Solutions America is proud to offer its cutting-edge Conveyance software to customers who need a short-run digital print workflow management and automation solution, and our Professional Services teams and software solution experts are ready to play a key role in ensuring smart, automated print production.

Recognizing the Economics of Short-Run Printing with Comprehensive Workflow:

  • End-to-end job production accuracy through CIP4 Compliance, Job Description Format (JDF) and XML-based file format standards
  • Intuitive business-rules for batching incoming work orders by similar job groupings
  • Increased productivity through proper information exchange and less operator intervention for paper changes and error recovery time
  • Increased flexibility through dynamic bindery to impose signature layouts during runtime without returning to prepress to meet rush jobs or tight production schedules
  • Intuitive job splitting separating covers from text blocks, and reprints from the main production
  • Order integrity and authentication of cover to text block production through barcode tracking
  • Integrated finishing processes through JDF-enabled communications or barcode finishing marks for inline production of finished book and book-like products

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