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VIEW: Automated Inkjet Estimation Tool

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Quickly Complete Requests: With the growing demand for ink estimation, the VIEW tool goes above and beyond to deliver calculations you can count on.

Operational Efficiency: Simply upload your print file, select your Canon inkjet press, choose your paper and paper size, and then hit calculate. The estimating process is completed within a few short minutes.

The Power to Increase Productivity: VIEW helps reduce turnaround times and swiftly provide your most valued customers with a cost estimation for each printed piece needed.


The VIEW application utilizes one of the fastest estimating engines on the market to quickly capture quotes on an endless assortment of print production types and aspects, including size, page count, paper, printing, finishing, and quality. Implementing an intelligent calculation algorithm, VIEW automatically generates enhanced production scenarios for each possible product selection, calculating ink usage, media use, printer and finishing run times, roll width and sheet size, and best imposition options.


The benefits of VIEW are abundant:

  • Estimate the true ink usage of each print job with calculations calibrated according to Canon lab results.
  • Present the ink cost of the print job, in total, per page and per color/ColorGrip, including run time/machine cost, media and ink cost, finishing, operating grants (ex. non-repayable fund), and profit margins. The power to produce estimates has never been easier. With VIEW, the intuitive Canon Solutions America inkjet estimator tool, sales teams and customers alike can quickly and proactively ascertain ink usage estimates for any PDF application.
  • VIEW operates as a hybrid application with both cloud based and local components. All updates and product information are pulled down at login to help ensure users have the latest information but all PDF information and data are kept on your local system.
  • Easy administration enables super users to set print products, paper, prices, margins, and more.
  • If parameters change throughout the estimation process, VIEW recalculates the quote to the most cost-efficient pricing.


In today’s business landscape, self-service is a growing preference among busy customers. VIEW provides a do-it-yourself platform to get the job done quickly. Print estimating doesn’t need to be a tedious and complex task. VIEW helps solve these issues, producing ink cost and print estimates instantly, whether you’re at the office or working remotely.

With VIEW, you have the optionality to expand the software’s capabilities depending on your unique needs. The tool can be integrated into most web-to-print solutions with a compatible application programming interface (API), allowing your customers to order ad hoc print jobs with ease. Instead of sending your print job PDF to the lab to discover the ink usage for one job, you can gather the information efficiently. Your file is read instantly, and the estimating engine acts right away.

Though web-to-print integration isn’t always top of mind for today’s print providers, it is a developing model most consumers will transition and adapt to. And while web-toprint integration isn’t required to utilize the platform as an e-commerce tool, the benefits of having everything embedded in one place is immeasurable.

VIEW provides full pricing transparency to help you expand your estimating functionality internally, allowing you to supply your clientele with quick, and easy estimation of ink consumption per print job. What’s more, VIEW can act as a standalone estimating tool in combination with other print MIS functionalities.


Different options when purchasing VIEW:

  • Setup Fee
  • One Seat
  • Max 5 seats/devices
  • Max 10 seats/devices
  • Max 15 seats/devices
  • Additional Media and Profile

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