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Practicing law requires collecting, storing, and analyzing huge volumes of documents and information. Dealing with all those cases, matters, contracts, and agreements is challenging if you’re not set up for a collaborative and fundamentally fluid work setting. Automated business processes, like contract approval workflows and eDiscovery support, provide instant access to all the information you need, so you can spend more time on high-value tasks.


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eDiscovery & Case Review

Manage large volumes to be searched through eDiscovery and case review processes. Store documents safely in Content Management systems and quickly retrieve them when needed while preparing for court under tight timelines. We help legal firms tackle all five eDiscovery task categories: Plan, Preserve, Prepare, Review, and Share.

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Streamlined Contract Review

Whether you're a law firm or part of a legal department, growing your business requires time. You can free up more time in the day by automating workflow processes such as contract review and contract lifecycle management (CLM), by automatically routing documents to the next in line.

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Secure Case Management

It's easy to manage cases, matters, and related documentation when everything is in once place. Legal documents, contacts, and billing information are all indexed, verified, and managed in one system for easy and fast access, regardless of your location, during and after case completion.

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Information Governance

Enable automated workflows for compliant data protection, archiving, and retention with the help of solutions and applications that can read and understand documents.


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Systems Integration

Our solutions connect with your existing platforms to help eliminate redundancy and potential errors, enabling access to the correct information from wherever you are. We integrate tightly with existing CRM, ERP, and other business systems, allowing you to fully leverage your investment.



Document Management for Legal


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