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Introducing Universal Login Manager

Every Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE Third Generation multifunctional device and MEAP enabled single function printer is designed with extended security features built in. From an access control perspective, Universal Login Manager (ULM) can help you to maintain a secure workplace.

ULM is a serverless embedded solution that acts as a sentry to prevent unauthorized access to your MFPs and printers. Designed for small and medium sized businesses, it provides a simple way for users to identify themselves and open up a personalized experience at the device. It also enables IT departments to track printing and copying usage.

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The Pillars of the ULM Architecture

Image of the Pillars of ULM

Key Features

  • Authentication - ULM offers simple user profile set up integrated with a local access control list (ACL) on the device, or advanced user profile set up integrated with your Active Directory
  • Device Personalization - ULM also improves productivity and an enhanced user experience (UX). After logging in, and the machine recognizes the user, it can serve up user-specific task buttons and workflows
  • Usage Tracking - ULM provides simple tracking of printing, scanning, copying and faxing activities for all users for up to 10 devices
  • Usage Reporting - ULM can generate four different reports that include:
    • Activity per device
    • Activity per user
    • Summary per device
    • Summary per user

Universal Login Manager logo

Workplace Secure Printing and Tracking Software

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Universal Login Manager

Universal Login Manager