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Reduce Risk of Exposure with a Secure Temperature Check Station

Safety has never been more essential.

The last thing you need is doubt when your workforce and visitors walk through the doors. Mitigating the risks of potential health-related issues or exposures starts with seamless access to sound information and a device to back it up. With the welloStationX automated thermometer kiosk, in just three seconds you can check the body temperature of your staff, visitors, and vendors using innovative technology to help keep your facility secure.

How Does welloStationX Work?

This hands-free kiosk or table-top device is an automated, FDA-cleared, no-touch clinical thermometer, providing temperature screening, instant clearance badges, and flexible reporting and alerts to help lower the spread of COVID-19 and other contagious illness in workplace settings. When individuals approach the device, they are given a quick, touchless temperature scan. If they’ve registered a normal body temperature, the welloStationX prints a badge to indicate their safe status. If an elevated body temperature is detected, an immediate alert is delivered through email or text so assigned staff members can take proactive steps to prevent infection.


welloStationX KIOSKS

welloStationX kiosks are portable, require no operators, and are cloud-enabled to provide reporting and monitoring as needed.


Get Work Done Without Disruption

welloStationX automated kiosks help facility owners and operators in every industry with efforts to lower the risk of contagious illness with automated, touchless temperature screening that supports the compliance of health standards. Individuals only enter your building if they scan within the regulated threshold.

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FDA Cleared


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What Are The Benefits?

By utilizing the kiosk, you have instant access to data on employee scans, which provide:

  • Alerts flagging elevated temperatures.
  • Manager access to historical health reports.
  • Ability to integrate data with your other systems.

As your welloStationX temperature screening kiosks scan and collect temperature data, the Wello portal helps configure the information to meet your organization’s needs, providing data when and where it matters while maintaining a high standard of privacy.


welloStationX Features Help Safeguard Your Surroundings

symptom screener icon

Use the Wello symptom screener to ask patrons about symptoms upon arrival.

temperature alert icon

Set up elevated temperature alerts to designated recipients via SMS or email.

Wello kiosks icon

Configure all of your Wello kiosks easily from a central location.

past scans icon

Control how data is viewed and stored, accessing and deleting past scans on demand.

Record keeping is an essential component of employee temperature screening. Daily temperature logs can help you implement contact tracing protocols and maintain compliance with local guidelines. With welloStationX, you can seamlessly:

  • Set up alerts to be immediately notified of elevated readings.
  • Analyze aggregate data across your locations.
  • Track the success of company-wide protocols.

Digital Logs Support Safe Workspaces

While it may seem simple to create a basic temperature log sheet, paper-based records in practice are often cumbersome and limited. By digitizing your records and automating temperature logging, the process becomes more efficient and effective for you and your staff. The Wello portal processes data captured from the welloStationX and instantly makes it available to help you take fast action.

Best Practices for Storing and Managing Temperature Logs

When it comes to the security of your organization’s logs, welloStationX provides the tools needed to stay a step ahead.

  • Easily manage logs from all your kiosks in one place.
  • Control access to the logs, including how they are viewed, stored, and deleted.
  • Store sensitive health data in Wello’s SOC 2-compliant data center.
  • Establish data handling policies to adhere to applicable HIPAA and privacy policies.

What Data Is Captured During Screening?

Employee temperature logs typically include the following:

  • Screening date and time
  • Employee name or ID
  • Temperature reading
  • Up to 3 photo images


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