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Technology and Solutions for Firms and Legal Services

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Process Automation Can Streamline Case Preparation and Discovery

Converting scanned hard-copy case files into editable digital formats and more

Law firms need to have case files in easy-to-edit digital formats. Your firm can use the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX system’s native scanning and OCR function, or a variety of third-party solutions, to convert those paper case files into editable Microsoft® Word® or PowerPoint® digital formats.

In addition, our advanced AI-driven Smart Document Assistant for Legal solution can fully automate the classification, validation, indexing, and delivery of that information to specific locations and people within the firm.

Implementing a Digital Mailroom Has Its Rewards

Canon Solutions America can help your firm to digitize mailing operations, for increased efficiency, facilitating hybrid workforces, and help improv privacy and security. Whether you need a DIY solution or a managed service team to execute, we’ve got a solution that’s right for you.

Cloud-based Operations Can Be a Smart Move

Some law firms, especially those that have minimal or no IT support, have adopted Google Apps. These applications can store forms and basic, non-work product documents onto Google Drive for easy, cloud-based access. However, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Canon Solutions America Cloud for Business offers cloud-based solutions to push DX initiatives over the finish line. Whether it’s intelligent data capture and processing, automating labor intensive tasks, or secure sharing and collaboration with courts and other firms, we’ve got you covered.

Electronic Legally Binding Signatures are Rapidly Becoming the Standard

An important phase of the DX process lifecycle is the finish. That means the final approval and signing of contracts and important legal agreements. eSignatures are the next logical phase to complete an automated document process. Electronic signatures don’t have to be expensive packaged deals. Soon you can add a cloud-based simple eSignature solution to your offerings for your legal customers.

Help safeguard your entire workplace in multiple key areas with our Five Pillars of Security:

Device Security

The Canon imageRUNNER DX MFD series contains some of the leading industry security features and functionality, which can be tuned and hardened to help prevent intrusion from the outside into your networks as well as providing user access controls to help prevent any internal malfeasance.

Our Printer Fleet Cybersecurity as a Service™ is a device-agnostic security management service that can control and oversee any brand or age of printer or multifunctional device in a hybrid environment. It is a turnkey concierge service to give organizations piece of mind and save the expense of IT labor performing device hardening tasks.

Print Security

Our print management solutions provide security measures that help protect the output of your devices. They provide security features such as authentication and authorization access controls and pull printing, which helps eliminates sensitive documents from being left out in the open on printer output trays. Additionally, Canon’s uniFLOW also provides Key Word Intercept, another layer of protection from unauthorized printing, scanning, and copying of sensitive documents.

Document Security

Our enterprise content management solutions provide encrypted environments for data at rest and data in transit as well as critical document governance to help keep your information safe, organized, and classified for easy discovery and distribution.

Information Security

Protecting sensitive documents and data inside of your firewall is one thing, but as we all know in this day and age of sharing and collaboration, very often data must travel beyond your perimeter. Our enterprise digital rights management (EDRM) solution, Vera from HelpSystems, provides encryption and access controls at the file level so the security travels with the document wherever it must travel. Access can be granted or revoked in real time by the content owner as well as providing an audit trail and usage controls for the recipient that can restrict printing, copying, and distributing¬—even preventing screen shots.


One of the most important areas of our 5 Pillar Securityportfolio is our suite of cybersecurity services provided by our alliance with Agile Cybersecurity Solutions (ACS), a team of veteran cybersecurity practitioners whose pedigrees originate from service in the DoD and U.S. intelligence agencies, including the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. All are suitably credentialed with government top security clearances and offer services such Virtual CISO, Managed Detection and Response as a Service, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and general consulting.

Contain Costs and Client Bill-back

Although current trends of billing have swung more towards Alternate Fee Arrangements (AFAs) by including services fees into engagements and even leveraging analytics to arrive at those fee amounts, there are still firms that rely on the bill-back model to contain costs and recoup expenses.

Increasing the Efficiency of Print Management

Canon’s uniFLOW print and scan management solution gives you total control over your print and scan environments. It provides analytics and reporting, enabling you to measure and create detailed, accurate reports of all scans, copies, prints, and sent files. Charges can be attributed to individual attorneys, paralegals, user groups, or departments with client, matter, and sub-matter to determine if a client should be charged for that output.

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Law firms can also limit user access and set controls to reroute specific page counts automatically to more efficient MFPs.

Integrating Document Output with Billing Solutions

If your law firm is already tracking expenses using print and scan management systems with cost recovery connectors, you can seamlessly link your Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX device to these cost-accounting applications. Print and copy expenses can be captured and reported back to your billing system with client, matter, and sub-matter detail.

Manage the Move to Mobile

We offer a variety of mobile printing solutions to suit all types of users at a law firm. We can help give you the ability to print directly from your mobile devices without being logged on to a network-connected computer. This transforms the conventional, multistep printing process of scanning, emailing, and printing documents into a single workflow process. Our mobile printing solutions are designed to help mitigate the risk of security breaches by utilizing one of two user authentication protocols: authentication to the device directly, or server authentication on the network to release a print job. Your IT team can integrate our solutions into your current printing environment, network, current infrastructure, or print workflows.


mxHero Legal Overview

Maintaining efficiency in the legal field is vital. As the industry contends with a high volume of communication and a surge of associated case materials, leveraging and protecting important content is key. Learn how mxHero can help legal professionals efficiently manage, unify, and control email without disrupting workflows already in place and keep your information safe.

Digital Transformation Legal Workflows

In the Legal industry, conviction and care are essential. Having a trusted team to lean on to help limit security risks, enhance productivity, and improve the client experience can make a world of difference. Consider Canon Solutions America on the case. Watch this video to discover how your law firm can fast-track its digital transformation initiatives with expert support.


Technology and solutions for firms and legal services

Technology and solutions for firms and legal services