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Océ 3050 Microfilm Aperture Card Scanner

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Streamline the digital transformation process

Companies have been storing their technical drawings and related documents on microfilm aperture cards for years. While innovative at inception, now storage and retrieval can be cumbersome and misfiled or lost aperture cards are commonplace. In an effort to eliminate awkward storage and streamline technical drawing access, many companies are moving toward digital workflows.

We offer a complete line of products and services aimed at the digital transformation market. With large format printers, digital archive software and aperture card scanners, we have the solution. When it comes to microfilm aperture card processing, the Océ 3050 offers optimal scanning, processing and cleanup. Productivity, coupled with ease of use and flexibility, sets the Océ 3050 apart.


  • Increase productivity with the Océ 3050
  • Batch Processing
  • Aperture cards to digital archive
  • Printer integration
  • Auto cleanup
  • Integrated Hollerith punch reader
  • Log file generation
  • Quality, flexibility, and ease of use


Machine Table-model production scanner with Océ scan software
Technology CCD
Card hopper 250-card input and output
Card Reader Hollerith punch reader
Magnification Factors 5.00 to 36.00
Resolution 100, 200, 300, and 400 dpi
Speed (depending on ram , network and amount of data)
D-size / 200 dpi - 9 seconds
D-size / 400 dpi - 14 seconds
E-size / 200 dpi - 11 seconds
E-size / 400 dpi - 19 seconds
Output Screen, hard disk, and printing, separately or in combination
Raster Formats CALS Type 1, TIFF Gr. 4
TIFF Gr. 3/1d, TIFF Gr. 3/2d
PC Requirements 500 mb hard drive, 512 mb ram , Windows XP ®
Electrical Requirements 120-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Dimensions 28( w ) x 12.4( d ) x 16.3( h ) inches
Weight 68.3 lbs.
Options Océ View Station for editing and enhancement of scanned documents on remote PC
Océ View Station Batch Processor for automated editing on remote PC


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