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Canon Solutions America Supports Our Veterans

Canon Solutions America recognizes and values the dedication, leadership, and integrity that our military, veterans, and their families demonstrate on a daily basis.

Our organization is built around the principles of the San-Ji (Three Selfs) Spirit. The Three Selfs are self-motivation, self-management, and self-awareness. For Canon, the Three Selfs continue to serve as the company’s most important guiding principles.


Take the initiative and be proactive in all things.


Conduct oneself with responsibility and accountability.


Understand one’s situation and role in all situations.

Military Spouses and Families

Canon Solutions America proudly supports military members, veterans, and their families. We recognize the sacrifices and challenges that service families face in supporting their loved ones. They too deserve the opportunities and assistance to achieve their career goals. Canon Solutions America invites all military members, veterans, their spouses and families to pursue the many opportunities that we offer.

Veteran Ambassador Program

Join an organization that supports and values the same principles as you do. Our Veteran Ambassador Program helps you connect directly with our employees who have served their country and found a home at Canon Solutions America. Veteran Ambassadors are available to help you ease into your new role and set you up for success.

Military Leave

Canon Solutions America understands the flexibility needed by members of the military reserve and National Guard. Be assured that employees who enter military service will have a job at Canon Solutions America when returning from deployment, in accordance with the requirements of USERRA. In addition, for up to a maximum of six months, we will pay the difference between your regular base pay and your military service pay.

Education Assistance Program

Canon Solutions America encourages employees to improve their workplace skills and education. Our Educational Assistance Program supports employees who wish to pursue a job related undergraduate or graduate degree. Tuition, books, and other expenses will be reimbursed based on your final grade.

Anthony Cannon

As a Marine, I served alongside men and women who were committed to success and focused on mission accomplishment. The core values and ethics here at Canon are in direct alignment with the values and commitment to winning as a team I embraced while in the Marine Corps.”

Anthony Cannon
United States Marine Corps (2005 - 2013)

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