Service Calls

Consultative approach to service calls

Nationwide coverage through thousands of Canon-certified service engineers

Our state-of-the-art call management system allows for fast call routing and proactive call placement. We take a consultative approach to service calls, with many issues initially resolved over the phone, reducing downtime, increasing customer satisfaction, and allowing our field service technicians to go where they are most needed.

Our imageWARE® Remote servers monitor device activity and can even proactively dispatch service personnel. With this powerful tool, we can predict problems, push updates, and deploy service — all from behind the scenes and with no effort on your part.

We measure each and every area of service performance, based on key criteria for each department. Our support personnel are held accountable for the service statistics by which they are measured, including speed of repair, quality of repair, and overall customer satisfaction.

It is through these stringent performance standards and the commitment to our continuous improvement process that we confidently offer our Customer Satisfaction and Service Performance Guarantees and maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

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Advanced Service Call Center

Dynamic Customer Call Handling and Device Management

  • State-of-the-art call management system allows for fast call routing and proactive call placement.
  • imageWARE® Remote Servers monitor all device activity and proactively dispatch service personnel if required.
  • Best-in-class service experience through a combination of dynamic call handling and remote device management services.
  • Proven Disaster Recovery Program in place to help reduce or eliminate downtime during significant weather events, power outages, etc.


  • New mobile technologies notify and dispatch field technicians virtually immediately upon customer calls for service.
  • All service calls are monitored real-time to ensure Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance.
  • Rapid customer call-back for estimated time frames, and to attempt immediate phone fixes where possible — minimizing inconvenience and downtime, and eliminating communication "blackouts".

Know-How Technology

  • Online knowledge base systems with up-to-date diagnostic support.
  • "On-device" diagnostics to pinpoint problem areas.
  • Focus on priority repair of "off-line" devices combined with proactive preventive maintenance to ensure high device up-time.


  • Extensive manufacturer training including extensive hands-on training in both practical and lab environments, practical exams and certification requirements.
  • Expert on-site repair services by manufacturer-certified expert engineers.

Advanced Parts Logistics System

  • A nationwide end-to-end spare part supply system that provides "factory to customer" part delivery with full visibility every step of the way.
  • Virtually 99% of spare parts are available to field engineers by the next day, resulting in speedy recovery time for devices in need of a new component part.

Original Canon Parts & Supplies

  • Our engineers use only the highest quality genuine Canon parts and supplies, designed exclusively for Canon devices, supported by Canon training documentation and equipment standards.
  • Expect optimal equipment performance with optimal up-time and maximum peace of mind.

Quality Business Reviews

  • Canon Solutions America service leadership (local, regional, and national) meet face-to-face with key customers on a quarterly basis to review customer care quality metrics and fleet performance metrics, and to strategize opportunities for change management or improvement.
  • Key performance criteria are reviewed every quarter.

Customer Engagement

  • Our service leaders join engineers in the field to ensure a high level or performance and meet with customers to confirm satisfaction levels are being met.
  • You benefit from our commitment to continuous improvement of engineering staff and gain peace of mind from frequent attention from service management.

Commitment to Excellence

  • Canon Solutions America monitors and measures both equipment and engineer performance through extensive application of key performance indicators (KPIs) through state-of-the-art performance "dashboards".
  • Our engineers monitor machine performance against manufacturer's performance metrics in the areas of fleet up-time, failures between service visits, energy efficiency, and other key indicators.
  • All of our technicians are formally evaluated through an extensive suite of performance indicators related to speed of repair, quality of repair, and overall customer satisfaction.

Installation Services

  • Our service experts pre-qualify each site prior to installation. For more complex installations, an on-site survey is conducted to ensure the proper technical requirements (climate, electrical, space) are in place prior to equipment installation.
  • Ensure the details of new or relocated equipment installations are properly addressed, minimizing the effect of user inconvenience.


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Our Solution Support Centers have achieved the prestigious HDI (Help Desk Institute) Certified Support Center award.

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