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    Professional Services combines the power of our products and passion for new solutions with the deep technical knowledge of our team members. We’re committed to delivering comprehensive, end-to-end solutions to our customers.

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    Our wide range of services offer support for essential but non-core areas of your organization. Combining a customized design, experienced people, and innovative technology, we help free up your resources.

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    We help organizations of all types streamline workflows by crafting custom solutions that provide the tools needed to help reduce costs, increase productivity, and become more environmentally conscious.

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    Our service offers quick and easy online access to everything you need to manage your account: submit meter reads, order supplies, view and pay invoices, view meter read history, place and track service requests, and update contact information and other device information.

How Can We Help Your Business?

At Canon Solutions America, we work to improve workflow efficiency and document processes no matter what industry you are in. No matter what size your business is, we will work with you to analyze what you are doing now. Then we will strategize on how you can do it better, with less waste.

Our solution may be a software upgrade. It may require integrating equipment already on your floor. It might call for a way to expand operator control. Or we can make it easier for people to collaborate on documents and eliminate costly errors. To help your bottom line, we can show you how to track and recover costs for digital printing, scanning, plotting, and copying. There is no standard solution when everyone’s need is special.

We want to help you grow your business, keep costs down and meet your environmental goals. Just give us a call to talk about getting started.

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Construction workflows that leverage color design, documentation and printing provide effective ways to reduce costs for traditional design-bid-build projects. Relative to the cost of color printing, net benefits in terms of reduced RFI’s, estimation contingency and change orders can readily exceed a 4:1 ratio, in which each dollar invested in color printing can yield $4 in project savings.

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Educators play a vital role in student achievement and devote a lot of time preparing assignments and course materials to make classes more engaging and effective. With added responsibilities, they must find ways to work faster without sacrificing the quality of their teaching methods. We offer solutions that make it easier to create and distribute customized materials.

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Professional Services

Professional Services combines the power of our products and passion for new solutions with the deep technical knowledge of our team members. We’re committed to delivering end-to-end workflow solutions to our customers.

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