Technology and solutions for healthcare providers


Safeguard Documents Containing Protected Health Information

Data security and privacy is essential in healthcare — and many of today’s multifunction devices have storage and communication capabilities rivaling those of desktop computers. Canon Solutions America offers options that help safeguard protected health information (PHI) in compliance with HIPAA and other regulations, without reducing the quality of care.

Restrict access to help facilitate HIPAA compliance
Our solutions let you restrict authorization to print, copy, scan, or send patient documents from MFPs with PIN code, user ID and password, or card swipe. You can also control access to specific device features and functionality.

Send documents quickly, accurately, and consistently
Ensure that patient records go to the right destination every time. With Canon devices, one-touch buttons automate multistep workflows, so you control who is authorized to access, print, copy, scan, or send from your multifunction printers with Workflow Composer

Securely Print and Distribute Confidential Documents
Authorized personnel can print a job from their PC or mobile device and release it at any Canon multifunction printer — whenever and wherever they need it.

Efficiently Print the Documents Your Healthcare Organization Requires

Healthcare providers in the U.S. print more than one billion clinical documents each year, and more than 60% contain important information in unstructured documents. Healthcare providers need to be able to use these clinical notes, test results, referrals, reports, medical images, patient charts, medication logs, and other records.

Canon works closely with industry-leading healthcare information system providers, such as Cerner, McKesson, and Meditech. Our goal is to help ensure that healthcare organizations can easily, efficiently, and effectively print the critical documents and records that are needed each day.

Using solutions from Canon Solutions America, you can make sure clinical staff can add these critical documents regularly and consistently. As a result, they can share more useful information quickly and securely with EHRs, HIEs and other health record databases. By automating paper document processes, your staff has more time to devote to patient care.

Implement Strategies to Manage Costs

Though rapidly transitioning from paper-based to electronic workflows, healthcare is still a paper-intensive environment. Controlling and containing print costs in this setting can be challenging, especially in large organizations or integrated delivery networks. In addition, there are simultaneous pressures to maintain security and improve efficiency.

Healthcare providers need the right tools to control and manage access to print, copy, scan, fax and other device features. Exchanging sensitive documents with labs, pharmacies, and other practices is a necessary reality that must be securely integrated into healthcare workflows.

Canon Solutions America offers a wide range of options, reporting and cost recovery solutions that can help contain costs, address interoperability and protect data security, with tools that can help assess and manage costs by influencing print processes and staff behavior, preventing wasteful printing practices and providing greater control over device use throughout your organization with uniFLOW