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Adding Value and Services to Help In-Plants Thrive
Many in-plants are securing their futures with the help of a wide range of value-added services that their customers need, want, and will pay for. Some of them are based on graphic production. Others involve things that in-plants don’t natively offer but can learn to become successful providers of. This article looks at why whatever they include, value-added services are good business and smart strategy for in-plants.
BIM, IPD & Color Printing: Harmonic Convergence
Wide format color printing helps improve productivity & reduce error for engineering, architecture & construction firms; read more from Canon Solutions America.
Big Data For Service Providers - How Can You Get In On It?
Big data can mean big money for you as a service provider. By offering big data services to your customers, you can help their businesses succeed, and establish yours as a vital component of that success. Let's take a look at how.
Business Systems Integration
The scope and value of document and data capture is changing. Once regarded as a world consisting only of centralized scanners, high-volume documents and specialized teams of administrators, next-generation capture tools and solutions include more expansive capabilities that go beyond the confines of process-specific applications to perform as an enterprise-wide platform for operational improvement. Learn how to use a Multifunction Printer as a platform for process improvement in document capture.
Canon Solutions America Professional Services for Complex Solutions
Production printing environments are increasingly complex. How do you build systems that optimize efficiency and profitability? The expert analysts and solutions architects in the Professional Services Group, Canon Solutions America, make it easy for customers to develop an integrated solution to deliver a competitive edge.
Capturing Color As-Built Data
In the transition from hard-copy archives to digitized documents, the construction industry must not ignore the necessity to properly preserve the plans and blueprints that have color markups.
Checklist for Using Color in Construction Graphic Design
There are many benefits to wide format color printing in construction; learn what design aspects to consider when using color in your documents from Canon Solutions America.
Choosing a Wide Format Printer - Color vs. Black & White Printing - Canon Solutions America
There are now an abundance of wide format printers available in the market today with both black and white and color printing capabilities, and even some hybrid models that are capable of both. With so many choices, you need to focus on your unique application to determine which type of wide format printer is best for you.
Clearing the Hurdles When Moving to Process Automation
Even with numerous advancements have occurred in scanning hardware and software, mobile devices, and digital technologies, today’s businesses continue to be challenged by the reality of making the transition from paper to digital. Learn about the tools for automating your organizations processes that might be at your fingertips.
Defining Pen Settings for Color Plotting
The unmet challenge of determining a working standard for color CAD design is hindering the widespread use of color plans and blueprints within the construction industry.