Weastec Expands Lean Principles to Document Processes with Therefore



Weastec, a global manufacturer of vehicle electronic components, needed document management software solutions to help streamline business processes and workflows across all of their departments. They were looking for a unified workflow that could move documents through Shipping, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable. Additionally, they faced challenges with their travel expense report system–which, for a globally situated company, is a significant factor. The right system was needed to help automate the entire process, from the employee submitting records to the executive approving the expenses.

Most manufacturers embrace lean principles for their production processes, yet often these same companies fail to implement “lean” across the rest of their organizations. Many areas of Weastec had paper-driven workflows which were legacy processes, but had not yet been analyzed to discover potential opportunities for improvement. Weastec recognized that lean document processes would help them improve in many areas such as productivity, customer service, and profitability.

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