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Remember when people used to tune-up their cars, replacing plugs, points and adjusting the carburetor? Today, cars no longer have spark plugs, points and condensers so average people can no longer perform a tune up. Now a qualified technician with the proper tools and training is needed to properly diagnose and repair potential problems.

So, too, has the digitization of construction drawings, GIS maps and new workflows led to a myriad of changes in the way today’s wide format printing equipment works and how quickly equipment updates occur. Today’s wide format printers need to keep pace with evolving CAD application and driver software updates. Operating systems continue to add new functionality and may not be backward compatible with older printers. Compatibility with new printing technology is one of the key issues to consider when buying a used large format printer - both today and for the number of years you intend to keep the printer. Functionality not commonly available 3-5 years ago like large format printing and scanning in color may now be necessary.

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