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Executive Summary

Since the 1960s, U.S. businesses have achieved substantial gains in annual productivity through a variety of improved business processes, computing technologies, and related applications. These productivity gains can be measured in most major industries, including manufacturing, financial services, and transportation, to name a few.


To find an effective solution to this problem, we need to clearly understand its cause and assign realistic values to it. Once qualified and reasonably quantified, we can measure the investment that is required to solve it. This whitepaper’s focus is on inadequate collaboration based on the insufficient quality of construction documentation used for the dominant project model of construction, the design-bid-build process. Our objective is to measure the anticipated cost savings that can be gained by leveraging the use of color construction documents in this project model. The product of this research is a flexible ROI model for measuring these costs and the return to be gained from the use of color construction documents.


The metrics developed for our whitepaper, Color Construction Documents: A Simple Way to Reduce Costs, have been compiled into an ROI model to provide a means for project executives and other construction business leaders to apply their historical knowledge of past and anticipated project costs and potential savings against the added cost of printing and distributing detailed color designs and project documentation.

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