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Whether you are an operations executive or a marketer, the number one challenge in today’s commercial print market is reaching the customer. Customers are clearly in control of the media they consume. Mobile devices, iPods, DVRs, and the Internet have changed print marketing forever. Marketers are trying to leverage every customer touchpoint with a mix of interconnected channels. One thing is certain-effectively using cross-media communications delivers better business results. Delivering multiple impressions and giving prospects a variety of ways to respond can have a dramatic impact. Over the past several years, we have heard about making the transformation to a “marketing services provider” with a focus on 1:1 communications and variable data. The media dynamics are changing. As the commercial printing industry looks to the future, there will be three critical components for success in the much larger cross-media opportunity:

  1. Data-driven personal messaging
  2. Support in delivering messages across all channels
  3. Delivering campaigns that “engage” the end customer

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