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PDFs and Large Format Printing


Today, Portable Document Format (PDF) files are used more than ever. With Adobe® Reader® software being freely available for every computer, PDF has become the ubiquitous file format for electronically distributing, viewing and printing all types of data and information.

However, not all PDF files are the same, especially when it comes to large format printing! Adobe® Reader software and PDF files have been around since 1993. Over the years, Adobe has created many versions of Adobe Acrobat software, adding new features and expanding the functionality in many directions. PDF files can contain text, drawings, video, 3D models, scans, full-color graphics, photos and hyperlinks. The idea behind Adobe Acrobat software and the Portable Document Format (PDF) was to create a file format that could represent documents independent of the application software, operating system and hardware that was used to create them and of the output devices that are used to display or print them. A properly created PDF file should contain all the information required to view the document on any computer or to print the document to any printer. However, this is not always the case and many users experience many common wide format PDF printing problems.

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