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The Océ Arizona Series flatbed printers feature sign printing equipment ideal for creating large format outdoor point-of-purchase signage and banners, second surface backlit displays, exhibit displays, architectural and directional signage, event signage and more. The integrated vacuum table holds media stationary while printing, eliminating the need for cumbersome jigs and extra setup time. These large format UV flatbed printers provide full-bleed printing capability that eliminates the extra finishing steps of trimming prints.

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Oce Arizona Family


All Océ Arizona UV flatbed printers are all based on an Océ-developed platform that, on the majority of models, combines a true large format flatbed printer design and an optional separate, dedicated roll-to-roll capability. Océ Arizona XT and XTS flatbed UV printer models offer the ability to print onto rigid media up to 98" wide x 120" long and up to 2" thick*. Océ Arizona GT and GL flatbed printing models can accommodate a standard 4' x 8' board for rigid printing. The Roll Media Option available for the Océ Arizona GT, XT and GL large format flatbed models provides the ability to print onto flexible media up to 87 inches wide.


Model Maximum Printing Speed Maximum Size
318 GL 194 ft²/hr 98" x 49" x 1.89" (flatbed), 87" (roll-to-roll)
365 GT 377 ft²/hr 98" x 49" x 1.89" (flatbed), 887" (roll-to-roll)
1200 Series GT 362 ft²/hr 98" x 49" x 2" (flatbed), 87" (roll-to-roll)
1200 Series XT 377 ft²/hr 98" x 121" x 2" (flatbed), 87" (roll-to-roll)
2200 Series GT 620 ft²/hr 98" x 49" x 2" (flatbed), 87" (roll-to-roll)
2200 Series XT 691 ft²/hr 98" x 121" x 2" (flatbed), 87" (roll-to-roll)
6160 XTS 1668 ft²/hr 98" x 120" x 2" (flatbed)
6170 XTS 1668 ft²/hr 98" x 120" x 2" (flatbed)
6160 HFV 1668 ft²/hr 98.4" x 126" (2.5m x 3.2m)
6170 HFV 1668 ft²/hr 98.4" x 126" (2.5m x 3.2m)

Advanced Design

Océ Arizona series large format flatbed printers feature Océ VariaDot® imaging technology that delivers near-photographic image quality, even at high print speeds. For suitable applications, a higher speed Express mode is available for all Arizona Series printers.

All Océ Arizona Series flatbed printers offer White Ink printing capability to help expand your revenue-producing opportunities.

The Océ Arizona Series flatbed UV printers also support Varnish for decorative effects and/or double-White for added versatility. The Arizona flatbed printing models also support additional standard or light colored Cyan and Magenta channels for improved image quality at production print speeds.


Worldwide recognition for quality and innovation

The Océ Arizona® Series has been winning awards since the introduction of the original Océ Arizona 250 GT printer in September 2006. The awards validate the quality and innovation built into every Océ Arizona Series printer, now the most popular UV flatbed printer family in history.

Rigid Board Samples

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