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Fotoba Dreamcut XLD-170 WP Wallpaper Cutter

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Highly accurate X/Y wallpaper cutter designed for high performance

The Fotoba Dreamcut XLD-170 WP large format cutter is especially designed for trimming multiple tiles of graphic images with extreme accuracy. Recommended for wallpaper applications, the Fotoba Dreamcut XLD-170 WP cutting machine is equipped with digital sensors that compensate for feed misalignment. The automatic Fotoba cutter is capable of X/Y cutting a 150 feet roll in under 10 minutes.

Eliminate workflow bottlenecks with this safe and accurate print finishing equipment!

Optional in-line automatic rewinder

For even more productivity, the Fotoba optional coreless rewinder attaches to the Fotoba Dreamcut cutter, and together they cut and rewind tiles of media to produce a finished roll. The Fotoba Coreless Rewinder offers a fully automated print finishing solution for wallpaper and other applications.


The Fotoba Dreamcut XLD-170 WP digital cutter, combined with an Océ ColorWave® large format color printer or an Océ Arizona® UV flatbed printer, opens a very wide range of application possibilities including wallpaper, floor graphics, wall graphics, signs, banners, canvas, posters, stickers, flyers, window graphics, and more.


Key features of the Fotoba Dreamcut XLD-170 WP Wallpaper X/Y cutter

  • Automatic X/Y cutter for rolls and sheets up to 67” wide
  • Versatile Fotoba wide format cutter designed to cut flexible media up to 40 mil thick
  • Automatic realignment and compensation while cutting
  • Optical detection of cut marks placed by RIP software
  • Very high Y trimming accuracy of ±0.002” (±0.06 mm) and high X trimming accuracy of ±0.02” (±0.5 mm)
  • Optional automatic in-line rewinder available


Fotoba Cutter System

Description Versatile X/Y cutter with extreme cut accuracy.
Compensation Self-squaring to the edge of the image (X)
Sensor Automatic tracking and realignment to the image (Y)
Automatic Automatic scanning of cut marks made with RIP software
Versatility Adjustable cuts of media lengths and quantity
Substrates Up to 40 mil thick
Memory Memory channels to store different cut marks
Blades Self-sharpening blade system
Accuracy X ±0.5 mm (0.02"), Y ±0.06 mm (0.002")
Loading Auto-grip for easy loading of media
Cutting Horizontal, vertical, left and right single slitters included
Motor Mechanism controlled by stepper motors

Cutter Options

Double slitters Double slitters, 0.315" (8 mm) between slitters (fixed)
Adjustable slitters Adjustable double slitters from 0.315" (8 mm) between slitters to maximum working width
Single slitters Extra single slitter left and right
Stacking Optional stacking tray available

General Cutter Specifications

Media width 67” maximum media width, 11” minimum media width
Media length 4” minimum media length
Size main engine 110” W x 36” D x 44” H
Unit weight 650 lbs.
Maximum linear speed 50” per minute
Electrical requirements 110V
Air requirements 60 psi

Fotoba Coreless Rewinder Specifications

Versatility Rewinds 1 roll or 2 rolls simultaneously
Media width 62” maximum media width, 2” minimum media width
Rolls 8’, 10’, or 30’ wound rolls
Productivity Rewind 300 30-foot rolls per 8 hours
Maximum length 30’ – 50’
Maximum diameter 4” of rewind media
Applications Butt joint for residential application
Coreless rewinder size 84” W x 55” D x 41” H
Unit weight 559 lbs.
Electrical requirements 110 V
Air requirements 2.5 BAR

Product Demos

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