Océ ProCut Digital Flatbed Cutters
Océ ProCut Digital Cutters

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Automated Cutting of Rigid and Roll Media

Eliminate finishing bottlenecks – reduce costs and improve quality

Océ ProCut flatbed cutters from Canon Solutions America enable you to instantly streamline your large format workflow. Currently offering 11 models of tables, workflow software, optical registration system, a modular tool system and coupled with our training, service and support, the Océ ProCut series of large format flatbed cutters delivers flexibility and amazing productivity over conventional manual cutting. Océ ProCut flatbed cutters support a variety of tools allowing you to cut a wide variety of rigid and roll based media.

Canon Solutions America has really taken the complexity and guess work out of choosing the right combinations of cutting tools and tables by providing base configurations that address the majority of your day-to-day work. And if that's not enough, numerous options are available to help you customize your flatbed cutter further.

To master your digital finishing solution, Océ ProCut Vision software suite allows you to take complete control of assigning a tool to any vector path in your file, all without tying up your RIP. The workflow software actually separates cutting paths upstream from the RIP and allows more efficient nesting by shapes rather than bounding boxes.

To ensure a successful implementation of this streamlined workflow we are able to provide in-depth user training on not only the cutting system but the printer and software including ONYX® Thrive™ workflow, Océ ProCut Vision software, etc.


Bundled for success

Canon Solutions America is proud to offer the Océ ProCut series of digital cutters manufactured by Zünd Systemtechnik AG, a leader in digital cutting and famous for their exacting Swiss quality products. These versatile, reliable cutting products provide exceptional value in a large format cutting system. Canon Solutions America has further looked at how workflow improvements can be made at all stages of production. Coupled with comprehensive user training on the related printer and cutter hardware, Canon Solutions America strives to allow you to get the most out of your investment committed to helping you be as successful as possible.

Clearly a cut above manual cutting

An Océ ProCut digital cutter is easily operated by just one person eliminating the need for additional labor and expense. The large format flatbed cutter is also significantly faster, more accurate and capable of much more intricate cutting than can be done by hand. Waste is also significantly reduced saving you from printing extra copies that typically end up in the trash. A digital cutting system allows you to turn around jobs faster, at less expense and take on jobs you've previously had to turn away.

Trim your media and printing costs

Faced with a print job on smaller boards? Without a Océ ProCut cutting solution you typically have two options: purchase more expensive pre-cut boards to avoid cutting afterwards, or print extras on larger boards that get cut afterwards. The first alternative requires you to order more costly media in advance and tie up money and space keeping inventory of different size boards just in case a job demands it. This alternative also requires more media handling at the printing stage. The second alternative requires you to spend extra time and money printing extras just in case some are ruined in finishing. Then any extras you're left with you're forced to give away or throw out. The Océ ProCut digital flatbed cutting solution allows you to stock one size of better priced, full size media and print only what's needed. There is less media handling and less waste.

Versatility in flatbed cutting applications

From intricate kiss-cutting of decals, to cutting and creasing of paperboard and corrugate, to routing of thick Gatorfoam® and tough DIBOND®, to cutting delicate fabrics or even V-cutting of thick Re-board – the assortment of tools available addresses a vast array of applications. Switching between tools is fast and simple – tool settings can be saved for later recall in the user interface. The Océ ProCut series digital cutting systems incorporate up to three Tool Modules at once on the cutter. These modules hold interchangeable tool heads allowing you to quickly configure and change tools as needed. Additionally you can start with just one module and add more modules and tools as your cutting needs change in the future.

An elegant workflow

Our Streamlined Workflow refers to the start-to-finish job workflow Canon Solutions America has built around the Océ ProCut software suite and Océ ProCut cutting systems. Our Streamlined Workflow works with any RIP and any printer. First, the Océ ProCut Prepress client/server software offered with each Océ ProCut cutting system allows you to easily assign cutting tools to vector line work. Capable of accepting Postscript file formats including pdf, the software allows you to visually identify all paths within the artwork and freely assign them to cutting "layers". The software can then intelligently nest and rotate the cut shapes when needed to utilize as much of the media as possible. You have complete control of adding optical registration marks and barcodes, nesting multiple jobs and managing those jobs in a job queue. From there the image data gets sent to your RIP and printer while the cutting data gets sent to the Océ ProCut cutter. At cutting time simply lay the print on the table, scan the barcode and once the optical registration system controlled by the Océ ProCut Vision software detects the image location it can begin cutting.

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