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Océ JetStream Compact Color Inkjet Production Printers

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Spec Sheet

Drivers and Software

The Océ JetStream Compact Color Inkjet Printer series - Discover versatility and speed with the Océ JetStream Compact Color Inkjet Printer series.

This production printing solution includes full-color inkjet, continuous feed digital printing systems with the unique capability of single cabinet full width duplex printing. The compact design makes the Océ JetStream Compact digital color presses the ideal entry solution to the product family and to high-volume digital full-color inkjet printing, bringing industry leading technology to users with monthly print volumes from 4 up to 55 million letter impressions.

Our compact color inkjet printer series combines the flexibility to grow in color and speed. Customers can start with the productivity of a JetStream 1000 digital press and upgrade to the higher speed of the JetStream 1400 or 1900 digital presses, when application requirements change. The JetStream 1400 offers higher speed for higher printing productivity at consistent quality. The JetStream 1900 offers the highest throughput in peak production periods.

The Océ JetStream Compact color inkjet printers can be configured as a dedicated monochrome printing solution and can be upgraded to full color with MICR or up to two additional spot colors per side when application requirements change.

The Océ JetStream 1000 prints 1,074 letter images per minute at a duplex printing speed of 246 feet per minute. The Océ JetStream 1400 prints 1,428 letter images per minute at speeds of 328 feet per minute. The performance mode of the JetStream 1900 masters tight production windows of print jobs where productivity is the decisive factor. The Océ JetStream 1900 prints 1,818 letter full color images per minute at speeds of 417 feet per minute. The speed of the JetStream Compact color inkjet printer series offers an unbeatable productivity to compactness ratio.

Full color continuous feed printing - ideal for transaction, TransPromo, direct mail, digital books and newspapers

The Océ JetStream Compact digital presses are designed for the demanding quality and reliability requirements of heavy production full-color printing environments. The combination of offset based paper transport and Océ-s DigiDot inkjet technology makes it a perfect fit for the production of transaction, TransPromo, and direct mail documents, digital books and newspapers. The multilevel dot modulation in combination with 600x600dpi resolution boosts the print quality of image elements and shadings to perceived 1200 dpi. Service bureaus, graphic arts operations, letter shops, offset printers and corporate printers can enter and productively deliver digital, full-color printing with variable data. The Océ JetStream Compact inkjet printer series is the ideal solution for entering the high-volume digital printing arena as it delivers a winning combination of features, flexibility, upgradability and performance.

Platform consistency and proven capabilities

The Océ JetStream Compact digital color press series is based on core technologies associated with the proven Océ JetStream platform including Océ DigiDot inkjet technology and inks, and the Océ SRA MP (Massively Parallel) controller architecture. This supports a clear growth path and compatible workflow across all JetStream engines. Users also benefit from the reliability, print quality and media range associated with the JetStream family. The Océ DigiDot piezoelectric drop-on-demand inkjet technology uses next generation inkjet printheads to produce stunning color at top speeds.

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  • Two-up duplex in one cabinet with the smallest footprint in its class
  • Growth path from monochrome to full color and additional colors
  • Growth path for speed maintaining consistent quality
  • Maximum application variety from newspaper to high-quality applications
  • Based on proven Océ DigiDot® inkjet and Océ SRA® MP controller technology


Océ JetStream 1000
Océ JetStream 1400
246 feet per minute
328 feet per minute
Océ DigiDot drop-on-demand, piezoelectric
Water based dye, InkSafe™ technology 1
Drop Sizes
Variable, 7-12 picoliter
Océ look & feel user interface
Paper Transport
Pinless, tight web
Print Resolution
600 × 600 dpi with Multilevel
Page Composition
2-up duplex
Print Speed Letter per Minute
Duty Cycle Million Letter per Month
Standard Paper Feed
Paper Width
6.5"- 20.5" (165-520 mm)
Page Length
6"- 54" (152-1370 mm)
Max. Image Width
20.3"- 54" (515-1370 mm)
Paper Weight
64-157 gr/m², extended range after paper test
Preprinted, inkjet, laser, recycled newspaper
Reel Shafts
70 mm, 3", 5" and 6"

Physical Data

Length (without paper)
240.16 in
105.75 in
88.58 in
Controller (W× D× H)
31.50 × 55.12 × 86.61 in
Weight (without paper)
17,857 lb
Power Requirements    
80 kVA
Typical power consumption ³    
Typical Idle kW
Typical Printing kW
Typical kWh per 1 Mio. Letter Pages
Standard range 68-78.8 °F
Standard range 40-60%
Operating noise
to be confirmed
Heat Output per Hour
107,000 BTU
142,000 BTU 2
SRA MP, high-performance blade processors
Printer Data Format
AFP/IPDS, PDF, PCL, Line Data3, LCDS3, Metacode3, PostScript3, PPML3, TIFF3, VIPP3
Print Manager (optional)
Océ PRISMAproduction®
Gigabit Ethernet
Available Color Configurations, Fully Upgradeable
1/1- 6/6
Inline Processing Unit
Pre-Processing Sprocket Punch
Pre-Processing Cross Perforation
Web Inspection Camera
Dust Elimination System
Slack Web Post-Processing Interface
Inline Folding Unit
Rewind Unit
Interface to EMT and Tecnau, Variable Perforation
Adobe PDF Print Engine
Operator Calibration
2-bit Multilevel
1 Please contact your local sales representative for details
2 Final values will be defined
3 Via Océ PRISMAproduction
All information refers to serial numbers 39170 and later and is subject to change without notice


Product Demos

Océ JetStream 1000 High Speed Inkjet Web Press Demo

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Drivers and Software

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