Océ JetStream Dual Color Inkjet Production Printers
Océ JetStream Dual Color Inkjet Production Printers

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High speed production printing and a modular design for a future-proof growth path

The Océ JetStream® Dual Color Inkjet Production Printer series comprises of the Océ JetStream 1500, 2200 and 3000 available in speed classes of respectively 328, 492, 656 feet per minute. The Dual continuous feed inkjet presses offer customers a smooth and seamless path of growth from 1428 to 2860 letter pages per minute considerably shortening production windows. With this migration path Océ offers a future-proof concept for enterprises that are aiming for growth. With its excellent print quality, together with a paper width of 20.5" (520 mm), the Océ JetStream Dual color inkjet production printer is particularly suited for applications in the field of transaction, TransPromo, direct mail, newspaper- and book/magazines printing. Using an optional fifth head, the Océ JetStream Dual inkjet printer series is also available with a fully integrated MICR option for printing 'security' documents such as business and company checks.

Océ DigiDot® inkjet technology for consistent quality at lower cost

The Océ JetStream color inkjet printer line utilizes Océ DigiDot comprising of the latest innovation in high-speed inkjet printing technology. Featuring best-in-class service life, the fast inkjet print heads are engineered for maximum up-time and reliability. Using smallest droplet sizes that can be varied from 7 to 12 pico liter the Océ JetStream dual color inkjet printer is not only extremely economical in ink usage, but also allows the support of a broad range of media from light-weight newspaper to glossy heavy weight. All Océ JetStream digital printing systems feature a multilevel option in four contrast levels. With this unique Océ option one can augment an image representation by means of smoother gradations of shades, crisper details and a heightened dynamic range.

Seamless workflow integration

Océ JetStream production printers are designed for seamless integration with industry-standard workflows, as well as for the rigorous demands and data rates of high-speed full-color printing. As a result, it is easier to embed new applications such as variable personalization and TransPromo documents into existing workflows. Océ's Data Integrity assures error-free front/back printing. Another benefit is the powerful Océ PRISMA software, an architected suite of software tools that ensure effective, reliable workflow management from pre-press to finishing. Moreover, the support from Océ - with software, service and color management, is seen by our customers as decisive in accelerating their migration from monochrome applications to the world of full color inkjet printing.

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  • Up to 200 mpm high-speed printing with multi-level image quality
  • Field proven technology
  • Includes latest innovations of Océ's DigiDot inkjet technology
  • 2,860 letter per minute for high production-runs in shortest lead times
  • Full AFP color management with migration support to full-color printing
  • Integrated MICR printing


Océ JetStream 1500
Océ JetStream 2200
Océ JetStream 3000
Océ DigiDot drop-on-demand, piezo-electric
Water-based dye, MICR, InkSafe technology 1
Drop Sizes
Settable, 7-12 picoliter
Print Resolution
600 x 600 with multilevel
Paper Transport
Tight web, pinless
Print Speed in Feet per Minute
Print Speed Letter per Minute
Duty Cycle Million Letter per Month
Page Composition
2-up duplex
Standard Configuration
Paper Width
20.5" (520 mm)
Page Length
54" (1,372 mm)
Print Width
20.3" (516 mm)
Reel Shafts
70 mm, 3", 5" and 6"
Pre-printed, pre-punched, pre-perforated
Paper Qualities
Recycled, wood free, pigmented, inkjet coated

Physical Data

26,015 lb
(without paper reels)
354.33 in
114.17 in
74.41 in
Power Requirements      
480 VAC
480 VAC
480 VAC
Power Consumption      
Idle (heater off)
12.4 kW
kWh per 1 Mio. Letter      
Optimal range 68 - 78.8 F,
limited range 60.8 - 84.2 F extended range
Optimal range 40 - 60%, limited range 30 - 80%
Operating Noise  
Heat Output per hour in Printing2      
SRA MP, high-performance dual core blade processors
Data Format
Native IPDS, Adobe PDF
Gigabit Ethernet
(optional 10 Gb, optional 2nd interface)
Inspection Camera System
2-bit Multilevel
1 Please contact your local sales representative for details.
2 Without controller.
All information is subject to change without notice.

Product Demos

Océ JetStream 1000 High Speed Inkjet Web Press Demo

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