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Pressero's customizable retail store interface has launched many businesses into the exciting world of internet based print sales. Providing MIS and ERP integration capabilities opens up new opportunities as well. Uniquely positioned to serve the entire print service provider continuum, Pressero fits the needs of commercial printers, print distributers, and in-plants.
Recipient of the 2013 InterTech Technology Award for Innovative Excellence, the Pressero storefront system has all the capabilities you expect from an award-winning, top-rated, web-to-print solution. The majority of print service providers will find that everything they need is already included in one or more of our cloud packages.
  • Website Flexibility Features
  • B2C Search Engine Optimization Features
  • Complete Print Sales & Services Features
  • Print Personalization Features
  • Robust E-Commerce Features
  • Extensive Order Management Features
  • Distributed Sales Support Features
  • Added Services Features
  • Enhanced Capabilities & Add-on Features


Interactive Designer
Supports publishing HTML5-based templates. Provide your customers with a sleek and interactive way to customize templates you create. Based on permissions, users can add, delete, move, resize, and rotate text and images as well as style and change the font and font point size. Note: All plans include support for eDocBuilder Form-Based templates.
For B2B stores where your customer wants to limit the amount their employee (or a group of employees) can spend per week, month, quarter, or year.
  Custom Job Status
The job status information your customer sees. Instead of using our generic job status list, create your own job status workflows for specific products to match the unique needs of your production workflow.
Custom Approval Plans
For B2B stores where your customer requires some orders to be approved before printing and others not. Approval requests can be triggered by factors such as user settings, dollar amounts, product attributes, shipping methods chosen, etc. An unlimited number of approval levels are supported for each customer store.
  Custom Email Notifications
Instead of using our default email messages, customize the notifications that you and your customer receive.
Track inventory levels of items sold both individually and grouped as part of a kit.
Advanced Excel Pricing
Instead of using Pressero to generate the Excel file template, you start with a blank sheet in Excel.
  Automated Workflow Integrator
A desktop application that automates the transfer of Pressero orders into your back-end production process using hot folders. It eliminates the need for manually downloaded and sorted orders. (Mac/Windows/Linux)
  Advanced Credit Card Processing, Single Store
Used when you want a customer's credit card payment to be done inside the store instead of using an external PayPal page. Required for Authorize.net, PayPal Pro, Payflow Pro, etc. Covers in-store credit card processing for a single Pressero store. Includes SSL (security) certificate and setup.
Advanced Credit Card Processing, Unlimited Stores
Same as above, but covers an unlimited number of Pressero stores provided they share the same main domain (such as www.example.com). All stores with sub-domains of the main domain (replace "www." with a different name) would be covered. Examples: abcbank.example.com, store2.example.com, customername.example.com, etc.
  Downloadable Templates
98 InDesign and PDF files with bleed, crop marks, and designated live matter areas. Add these to your store as a resource your customers can download to their desktop and use as a starting point to create their own custom printed pieces.
  Support Resources
Free “how to” videos, FAQs, searchable Knowledge Base, and written documentation. Access to support staff is free, provided the 1-on-1 Training (below) has been completed.
1-on-1 Training
Each Pressero Bundle includes a series of individualized training sessions focused on your company when you purchase a qualified Pressero Solution. Experts will help guide you through the basics of setting up a store and an eDocBuilder template. Number of sessions and their duration may vary with Pressero plan.  

Description of 1-on-1 Sessions included with each Pressero plan

  1. Pressero: main setup (preferences, forms, payment, pricing, shipping, site settings, categories, products) – 90 minutes
  2. eDocBuilder: setup of a simple template – 60 minutes
  3. B2B or B2C focus: (you will choose one): – 60 minutes
    1. B2B Focus - Getting your customer interested in their own W2P portals, or
    2. B2C Focus - Tips for SEO and best practices
  4. Approvals, Workflow, Emails (or any Pressero items you want additional help with) – 60 minutes
  5. Automated Workflow Integrator: basic setup, order filtering rules – 60 minutes – only included with Enterprise and Enterprise + plans.
Image and Pricing Calculator Libraries
Banners – Vinyl Collector Cards Label Mailing & Roll Notepads 4x6
Bookmarks Color Copies 11x17 Label Sheets Notepads 5x8
Brochures 11x17 Color Copies 8.5x11 Labels Custom – Roll Photo & Art Prints
Brochures 8.5x11 Door Hangers 3.5x8.5 Lawn Signs Postcards 4x6
Bumper Stickers – DieCut DVD Case Wraps Letterhead Postcards 5x7
Bumper Stickers – Rectangle Envelope - Booklets 9x12 Magnetic Car Signs Postcards 6x9
Business Cards – Foldover Envelopes - Business 1 or 2 Color Manuals 8.5x11 Posters – lg format
Business Cards – Standard Envelopes - Business 4 Color Menus 11x17 Presentation Folders
Calendar – Desk Business Envelopes – Window 1 Color Menus 8.5x11 Rack Cards 3.5x8.5
Calendar – Desk with Photos Envelopes – Window 4 Color Menus Takeout Rack Cards 4x9
Calendar – Wall Event Ticket NCR Forms 8.5x11 Signs
Car Wraps Gift Certificate Newsletters Static Cling – Vinyl
Catalogs 8.5x11 Graphic Design Nightclub Flyers 3x4 Table Tents
CD Sleeve - 2 Panel Greeting Cards 4.25x6 Nightclub Flyers 3x4 Window Decals – Oval
CD Sleeve - 4 Panel Greeting Cards 5x7 Nightclub Flyers 4x6 Window Decals – Rectangle
Certificates Hang Tags 2x2 Notecards  


When using the Admin area, we recommend using Chrome or Firefox. These browsers respond faster than Safari or Internet Explorer. Firefox works best for the Report Writer found under the Tools menu.


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This unnarrated video shows the capabilities of eDocBuilder, Aleyant’s on-line Personalized Communications tool included with every Pressero Subscription from Canon Solutions America. Make personalized products from business cards to stationary to fully customized print pieces available to your customers, 24/7, from any device, PC, tablet or Smartphone.


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This unnarrated video show the range of capabilities of Pressero, Aleyant’s cloud based web-to-print solution. B2B Storefronts, Responsive Design and Administration, Professional B2C sites, real time pricing and shipping and tax rate integration are all yours with Pressero, plus so much more.


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Connecticut Color Holdings

Successful commercial printers can drive more volume with fewer touches, directly from a client’s smartphone to their doorstep with Aleyant's cloud-based ecommerce platform, Pressero. See how Rick Herr improved his digital operations at Colonial Printing by introducing private storefronts for his regular clients, improving the productivity of his print floor and freeing up more hours in the day for his sales teams to sell. Pressero is a Win-Win for this commercial printer and his clients.


Fenway Group benefits from Pressero web-to-print B2B portals

Fenway Group, a comprehensive communications company in Boston, MA, utilizes Pressero to provide B2B storefronts to a wide variety of their customers, including non-profit, direct mail, healthcare and financial services organizations. With private B2B storefronts, customers have a safe, secure and convenient way to order printing, 24/7. Pressero, from Aleyant, offers complete web-to-print portals that best serve the needs of both Fenway's customers, and Fenway's internal production requirements, all at a price that is hard to match.