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DocQueue improves your print job management and printer/MFP utilization at a very low cost of entry.  By being able to manage your printers from a single location with point and click ease, you can make sure that urgent jobs are printed when and where they are needed, and large jobs are printed on the most cost-effective printer or MFP.

  • Simple implementation on a Windows based PC server.  Access from one or multiple client PC’s
  • No special drivers or knowledge needed: users only need to use the printer driver
  • Scalable solution
  • Excellent ROI


The DocQueue solution has all the capabilities you'd expect from a top-rated, queuing solution. The majority of customers will find that everything they need is already included.

  • Client- Server architecture

  • Intuitive Windows-based print management interface

  • See alerts and printer level errors via SNMP printer-status monitoring

  • Manage any type of print file in pass-through mode

  • Reprint any type of print file as a whole

  • Override finishing settings on individual PS and PDF files

  • Reprint a subset of pages for PS and PDF files

  • Convert PS and PDF files to other print formats you have a Windows print driver for (PCL, AFP, etc)

  • Route printer jobs to multiple output locations simultaneously (Printer, File, Achieving System, etc)

  • Automatically retain copies of print jobs for a set number of days before purging

  • Auto-hold large jobs for operator release

  • Re-order print jobs in a print queue

  • Drag print jobs from one queue to another

  • Add banner pages to print jobs

  • Manage all print queues in one place


The PRISM Software DocQueue solution provides cost reduction possibilities and operational flexibility and efficiency to your customers.

  • DocQueue allows the viewing one or multiple files at the same time for approval and release, as well as previewing print jobs and properties. Name print jobs for easier identification and tracking, and add banner and trailer pages to more easily identify jobs.

  • DocQueue improves document output by organizing and managing printing with separate spoolers for each output device.

  • DocQueue allows the grouping, prioritization, tracking, and reprinting of print jobs.

  • It can control and process documents in both automatic and operator modes. Automatic mode is often used for batch document processing while operator mode is for users that want to closely manage jobs and to hold, view, and manually release the jobs via drag and drop.

  • DocQueue is built upon a multi-threaded architecture that allows for fast processing of multiple print jobs so that you don’t experience print backlogs.

  • DocQueue monitors printers and MFPs on a real-time basis and notifies operators of their status. Quickly validate that a printer is ready or printing. When printer problems do occur DocQueue alerts you to print conditions such as low toner, door open, printer offline, user intervention, tray empty, and many more.

  • DocQueue’s client/server architecture provides the ability for remote control and messaging over the system. Detailed logs track document processing and help streamline potential bottlenecks.


DocQueue requires a server and at least one client PC to function.  Hardware may be supplied by the customer, or purchased from Canon Solutions America, but must meet the following specifications:

Server Components:

    • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (Standard and higher)
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 (Standard and higher)
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (Standard and higher)
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 (Standard and higher)
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 (Standard and higher)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework (Version 2.0 SP1 through 4.0)
  • 2 GB of system RAM or greater
  • 500 MB of free hard disk space for installation files
  • Additional hard disk space required for user data

Client Components:

    • Microsoft Windows XP (Professional)
    • Microsoft Windows Vista (Business and higher)
    • Microsoft Windows 7 (Professional and higher)
    • Microsoft Windows 8.1 (Pro and higher)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework (Version 2.0 SP1 through 4.0)
  • 2 GB of system RAM or greater
  • 500 MB of free hard disk space for installation files
  • Additional hard disk space required for user data

Prism Software provides a suite of industry-leading print and document management software products. These products serve the variable data printing, document output management, and legacy data printing and conversion markets. Prism's software helps its customers significantly reduce operational costs, greatly improve document flow and work processes, and expand and improve document creation and distribution choices.

Based in Orange County, Calif., and in business since 1991, Prism Software develops products that are utilized by Fortune 5000 and mid-sized companies across all industries. The products are marketed through resellers, systems integrators, and printer manufacturers.