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PlanetPress Connect™

PlanetPress Connect enables organizations of any type to create and distribute more effective business communications utilizing their existing data formats. These new interactive workflows let businesses reach their customers in a variety of ways: web, email and text messages in addition to traditional print output. It’s never been easier to transform ordinary and mundane statements and invoices into powerful and personalized customer experiences.


Objectif Lune PlanetPress Connect provides cost reduction possibilities, improved communications and operational flexibility and efficiency to your customers.

  • One toolset for print, web, email and text with preference based dynamic delivery routing.
  • Perfect fit for legacy environments and current technologies. A great bridge between systems.
  • Free existing data, wherever it is stored.
  • Build personalized interactive communications.
  • Distribute communications in any format, print, email, text message and web.
  • Automate business processes and repetitive tasks.


PlanetPress Connect Data Mapper

Data Mapper

  • Accepts nearly any type of data input, and a wide range of print streams as inputs too
  • Powerful data mapping tools; improve or repurpose documents
  • Rules based, object oriented, but also supports scripting and dynamic conditions
  • Normalizes all inputs to a single format, providing high ease of use in the design environment
PlanetPress Connect Designer


  • Advanced personalization capabilities
  • Advanced page and data overflow
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript designer for web, email and print
  • Extensive barcode library including inserter Control, QR Codes, Postal Barcodes
  • Print, email and web contexts in a single designer
  • Share content and images between contexts
  • Wrap around text
  • Overflow
  • Tables
  • White space management
  • Wizards
PlanetPress Connect Workflow Tools

Workflow Tools

  • Multichannel output
  • Automated tasks and workflows
  • PDF Tools
  • Metadata
  • Trigger processes
  • Webserver capabilities
  • Connectors to many other types of applications

Output Creation

  • Industry standard print formats: PDF, PostScript®, PCL, etc.
  • Production decisions at the point of print (imposition, booklets, stapling)
  • Performance pack
  • Advanced print stream handling (sorting, merging, splitting, commingling) based on rules and job properties

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PlanetPress Connect

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