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Océ Touchstone Dimensional Printing Software

Simplify the design and production of textured prints

Now you can add a tactile experience to your Océ Arizona UV curable printers’ capabilities with Océ Touchstone software. Compatible with the Océ Arizona 1200 and 2200 Series UV curable flatbed printers and ONYX Thrive software, Océ Touchstone makes both the file creation process and the printing exceptionally easy.

The workflow consists of both a designers’ and print providers’ component. The designers’ component consists of free of charge Adobe CC extensions for Photoshop and Illustrator that designers can utilize in an environment they are already familiar with. Designers determine which image areas they want elevated by implementing an additional greyscale layer in their file where black represents the highest point and white the lowest point. To preview their work, the Océ Touchstone extensions also include a viewer that renders the file in 3D complete with lighting effects. Once happy with the file, the designer saves it as a pdf and sends it to the print provider.

With a commercially licensed copy of Océ Touchstone, an Océ Touchstone Certified print provider will be able to process these pdf files in ONYX Thrive using a proprietary printer driver that communicates with the patented Océ Touchstone ALPS Engine. The Océ ALPS Engine outputs a layered batch file that the Océ Arizona can then print in proper sequence without any additional operator intervention.

Features & Benefits

Here’s what Océ Touchstone software workflow can provide

  • Texture effects up to 1mm in height utilizing color and/or varnish UV curable inks
  • No charge Océ Extensions for Adobe CC provides designers a familiar environment to design within
  • Designers can preview dimensional effects using the 3D viewer extension
  • Quickly identify peaks, cliffs and low spots in the design
  • Export your print ready file as one pdf containing both the graphic image and height map
  • Simple to use. Print providers can simply RIP with ONYX Thrive and print on the Océ Arizona much like they do today
  • No file manipulation. The Océ ALPS Engine automatically interprets the pdf and generates a multi-layer batch file with the correct printing sequence
  • No fuzzy images in the low spots. Colors are printed at the optimum elevation for each layer
  • Automatic Z-axis adjustment for consistent image quality top to bottom without operator intervention
  • Unattended printing provides additional revenue generating opportunities after regular business hours
  • Differentiate your business! Océ Touchstone provides a new, high margin application that is completely unique to the Océ Arizona 1200 and 2200 Series printers

Brochures & Guides

Océ Touchstone Extensions Quick start guide

Océ Touchstone consists of two main software components that assist you to design and print elevated artworks.

Download Quick start guide

Océ Touchstone Extensions for Mac OS X Installation guide

Download Mac Extensions guide

Océ Touchstone Extensions for Windows Installation guide

Download Windows Extensions guide


Introducing Océ Touchstone Dimensional Printing Software

Océ TouchStone Elevated Printing Technology