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Forms Manager

Advanced Variable Data Printing & Cross-Channel Communications

Forms Manager is the complete personalized communication solution for production printing and cross-channel messaging for midsize-to-enterprise organizations.

Forms Manager is a powerful communication application for all your personalized production print and electronic communications. Make your print communications more effective by supplementing them with personalized electronic communications such as personalized web pages, HTML emails, and phone texts.

Powerful Production Print Capabilities

At its core, Forms Manager is a powerful application designed for the most demanding of high volume, production print projects. Create all types of high volume color or monochrome documents such as statements, invoices, notifications, customer letters, and more. Automatically and dynamically create charts and graphs from multiple databases, create complex conditional data events, dynamically add images and graphics, and much more.

Create All Types of Electronic Documents

Forms Manager can also create all types of electronic documents - Word [.doc and .docx], RTF, TIFF, PDF and FAX. Forms Manager also dynamically generates indexing and metadata tags that allow for automatic filing of electronic documents into document management systems such as Prism’s RecordManager. An integrated connector also allows you to automatically deposit an electronic copy of the created documents into Microsoft SharePoint.



Forms Manager Has Many Great Features - Including Workflow Integration

Integrated Workflow

Forms Manager has a fully integrated workflow engine that enables the intelligent processing and routing of data, print documents, and electronic documents. Create all types of workflow conditions ranging from simple to complex.

  • HTML eMail

    • Create matching email and print campaigns HTML eMails. Print-only campaigns can be expensive and infrequent. Take advantage of HTML eMail messaging to reinforce, announce, and augment your print campaign. HTML eMails can easily match your print projects with Forms Manager’s built-in HTML editor.
  • Personalized Web Landing Pages (PURLs)

    • Creating personalized web landing pages – also called Personalized URLs or PURLs – is easy. Use the same print or HTML project elements (images, text, etc.) and send out PURLs that are individually customized to your target audience. PURLs are web pages that are specifically addressed and messaged to each individual – customize by name, images, and text for each person. And, send out the PURL link through an HTML eMail.
  • Personalized PDF Literature Delivered via the Web and Email

    • Create fully personalized PDF literature with your customer's information embedded within the PDF. Personalized PDFs can be either an attachment to the personalized email or an embedded link within the email.
  • SMS Text Messaging for Phones

    • Easily create text messages that are deliverable to text-capable cell phones. Provide instant notifications to customers or direct them to other print or email messages that you’ve created with Forms Manager. Send instant broadcast messages that are personalized with data from your data source. SMS messaging is instant and a great method of supplementing attention for your messaging campaign.
  • DirectSmile Integration

    • Forms Manager is fully integrated with DirectSmile. Create unique personalized graphics and images with DirectSmile.
  • Integrated Postal Certification

    • (optional module)
      Easily take advantage of the savings discount the U.S. Postal Services offers for bulk mail with this fully integrated module. No more problems and errors sending your data to a third-party program for postal certification. It’s easy to use this integrated module from Forms Manager’s drop-down menus. Module components include CASS, PAVE, mixed mailing, Geocoding, Zip+4, National Change of Address (NCOA), and more. Integrated postal certification for U.S., Canada, and U.K. See Prism Software’s separate literature on postal certification for more details.
  • QR Codes & 95 Other Barcodes

    • Quickly and automatically generate QR codes and ninety-five other types of barcodes including linear (1D), data matrix, MICR, 2D, and postal codes for USPS, British Royal Mail, Australia Post, Deutsche Post, Italian Post, and more.

eForms & eDocuments

  • eForms & Web Forms

    • Forms Manager can also create eForms and web forms for the automatic personalized collection and delivery of data. Easily create both HTML and PDF eForms and web forms. Dynamically create personalized data fields that are either formed from databases or customer-filled.
  • eDocuments & eSignatures

    • All types of eDocuments can be created with Forms Manager: leases, contracts, agreements, disclosures and more. Once created, the customer can electronically sign these eDocuments with a USB-connected electronic signature pad.

How it works

Forms Manager is Designed to be Easy to Use

How Forms Manager Works

  1. Inputs are received from data sources, file types, databases, print queues, XML files, and various other sources.
  2. Merged data inputs can be manipulated within Forms Manager to create various projects.
  3. Finished projects are output as printed documents, PDFs, Word Documents, Email, Fax, XML, Personal Web Landing Pages (PURLs), Microsoft SharePoint outputs, and more.