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Meadows Publishing Solutions DesignMerge
DesignMerge Variable Data Printing (VDP) Software

DesignMerge® is an award-winning variable data printing (VDP) software package that can be used to create professional, personalized documents on any Canon digital press. The software can be used to create a variety of personalized documents, including postcards, form letters, and newsletters, but is also a fantastic tool for production work, such as bar coding and consecutive numbering jobs. The software is perfect for applications such as business cards, store signage, tags, tickets, labels, or virtually anything that merges data with design!

Objectif Lune PReS Connect
PReS Connect

PReS Connect allows customers to produce high-volumes of print, emails and web pages, at high-speed, thanks to optimized outputs that includes AFP.

Objectif Lune PrintShop Mail Connect - One-to-one personalized communications for the desktop
Objectif Lune PrintShop Mail - Variable Data Printing Software

PrintShop Mail is a powerful, yet easy to use variable data printing solution. Achieve fast output of personalized documents such as high-speed mail merges, newsletters, and direct mailers. Quickly develop applications such as tickets and personalized postcards and print multiple instances on a single page. Flexible promotional document design is a fast, efficient, stand-alone solution that optimizes the process of merging variable database information with a design.

Prism Forms Manager
Prism Forms Manager Software

Prism Forms Manager creates all types of personalized promotional and transactional print and electronic documents - locally, remotely, and over the web.