Leadership Team

Peter Kowalczuk


Peter Kowalczuk was appointed President of Canon Solutions America on January 1, 2018. With decades of industry experience, Mr. Kowalczuk brings a fresh perspective on ensuring all Canon Solutions America customers enjoy optimized productivity through customized solutions that best fulfill their needs. As President, Mr. Kowalczuk continues the tradition of unity and teamwork that is the strong foundation that the company is built upon, which translates to a prevailing spirit of collaboration and trust with our customers.

Previously, as Executive Vice President of Zone Operations & Marketing of the Enterprise Services & Solutions organization, Mr. Kowalczuk’s leadership established a strong corporate culture that allowed the division to deliver on its mission to drive productivity and sustainability for businesses of all sizes and in all industries. These objectives served to create value for our customers not just through hardware, but software, managed print services, and professional services as well.

Mr. Kowalczuk began his career in 1984 with Ambassador Office Equipment, Inc., one of the four companies that would eventually become Canon Business Solutions, Inc. In recent years, he played an integral role in the merger of that company with Océ North America to create Canon Solutions America.

Building on this achievement as well as his determination to foster the growth and advancement of individual employees as well as the company as a whole, Mr. Kowalczuk’s long tenure brings a unique viewpoint and distinguished leadership to the executive team of Canon Solutions America.


Arthur McGinn

Executive Vice President, Service

Arthur McGinn is responsible for driving the customer satisfaction, quality, efficiencies, and growth for Canon Solutions America’s field service organization. He leads a team of over 2,500 service professionals delivering customer technical service, technical support, training, and call center support encompassing all of the company’s business units and products. Mr. McGinn has overall responsibility for Canon Solutions America’s current service portfolio and leading the implementation of future service products for the company.

Mr. McGinn first began his career with Canon Business Solutions, the predecessor of Canon Solutions America, responsible for the Central Zone service organization in 1988.

During his tenure Mr. McGinn also led the West Zone service organization. Under his direction, the ongoing focus on training, measuring results, and objective performance measurement has led to consistent improvement in the company’s service deliverables.

Having served in several strategic leadership positions, Mr. McGinn was a key contributor in the integration of Canon Business Solutions and Océ North America, responsible for the merging and streamlining of the complex Service organization processes for the newly formed company.


Francis McMahon

Executive Vice President, Production Print Solutions

Francis McMahon is responsible for driving growth and profitability for the Production Print Solutions division of Canon Solutions America.

Before assuming responsibility for the entire Production Print Solutions division, Mr. McMahon led the overall marketing and sales operations strategy for that division. A seasoned executive, Mr. McMahon leverages more than 20 years of experience in the printing industry in the areas of strategy, product marketing, business development, sales training and development, lead generation, marketing communications and press and analyst relations. His in-depth experience in the printing industry provides the insight and expertise required to develop strategic tools, programs and solutions that help Canon Solutions America customers prosper and grow in an increasingly competitive business environment.

As an active member of the printing community, Mr. McMahon is a member of the Graphic Communications Scholarship Foundation, the Electronic Document Systems Foundation, and thINK—an independent community of Canon Solutions America production print customers, solutions provider, and employees. He is a former member of the National Association of Printing Leadership Board, and the NYU Graphic Communications Management and Technology M.A. Program Advisory Board. In 2007, he was inducted into the Soderstrom Society.

Mr. McMahon brings a resourceful ingenuity and steadfast attitude to his position, while encouraging those around him to use out-of-the-box methods when developing ways to further enhance productivity and efficiency.


Mohcine Sam El Bouhali

Senior Vice President, IT and Business Process Reengineering

Sam Bouhali provides the keen vision and effective leadership for the digital transformation of Canon Solutions America. He is responsible for driving the strategy, planning, and implementation of all activities related to information technology, information security, data analytics, and business process reengineering.

Mr. Bouhali joined Canon U.S.A., Inc. in 2003. He began his career with the company as a member of the Canon U.S. Information Technology Group, and in 2007 transferred to Canon Business Solutions, Inc., the predecessor of Canon Solutions America.

Previously, Mr. Bouhali was vice president of Business Process Reengineering where he was a key member of the executive team responsible for the robust growth of Canon Solutions America in its first five years as a company. Mr. Bouhali managed the business processes and systems integration of all Canon Solutions America acquired companies. He has been integral to the development and maintenance of the computing application systems and infrastructure that provides strong support for Canon Solutions America’s internal and external customers and associated companies.


Charles Bruschi

Senior Vice President, Finance, Accounting & Budget

Responsible for all finance, accounting, and credit and collections, Charles Bruschi has leveraged almost a decade of experience with Canon USA, Inc. to build the corporate finance division for Canon Solutions America. Mr. Bruschi led the finance group through the integration of Canon Business Solutions and Océ North America to create a unified finance function. He continues to manage the day-to-day operations while overseeing the ongoing further combination of financial systems and streamlining of operations.

Mr. Bruschi’s career experience is comprised of senior positions across several industries, including financial services, healthcare, information services, and consumer electronics. He is a CPA, having initially worked for ten years at Coopers & Lybrand.

With Canon USA since 2005, Mr. Bruschi eagerly accepted the opportunity to lead the finance group upon the formation of Canon Solutions America in 2013, knowing that it would provide a unique opportunity to be involved with an exciting new company from its inception.


William Mayer

Senior Vice President, Human Resources

As Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Canon Solutions America, Bill Mayer is responsible for the design, development, and implementation of the benefit, compensation, employee relations, human resources, and learning and development programs that allow the company to foster the careers of one of our industry’s greatest talent pools.

Although hired into Canon Solutions America in January of 2015, Mr. Mayer began his career with Canon in 1989 when he joined Océ-USA first as the Director, then in 1990 as the Vice President and finally, in 1998, as Senior Vice President of Human Resources of Océ-USA Holding, Inc.

All his work experience has been, as it continues to be with Canon, in his chosen field of Human Resources.

Mr. Mayer’s vision for the Human Resources function within Canon Solutions America is that it will function as a facilitator for attracting, hiring, retaining and developing effective, self-motivated and responsible people who can embrace Canon’s values and can enhance our future.


Yoshinobu “Scott” Neo

Senior Vice President, Professional Services, ESS & Shared Operations

Yoshinobu “Scott” Neo leads an expert team that provides end-to-end support for Canon Solutions America’s solutions business, including technical solution sales support, solution implementation, Project Management, and technical support help desk. He is responsible for leading the Professional Services organization, which is a critical component of the “customer first” principle that helps make the company stand out in the marketplace.

Mr. Neo first joined Canon Inc. in 1986. Throughout his career he has held a number of different roles across the Canon family of companies, including positions within Product Planning, Strategic Planning, Human Factor Engineering, Industry Printing Business Planning, and Solutions Professional Services.

This broad experience reaching across disciplines, organizations, and countries has given Mr. Neo a distinctive viewpoint on both the company and the industry as a whole.

Having joined Canon Business Solutions in 2009, Mr. Neo has been with Canon Solutions America through the integration with Océ and since the origination of the company in 2013. With a combination of clear vision and practical experience, Mr. Neo has a sense of dedication to, and a strong influence on, the outstanding support of our customer base.


Nobuyuki “Nobby” Nishiyama

Senior Vice President & General Manager, Administration, Corporate Planning, and Corporate Communications

With a career spanning production, sales, operations, and development, Nobuyuki “Nobby” Nishiyama is poised to bring his unique business outlook and strong leadership style to Canon Solutions America’s Administration, Corporate Planning and Corporate Communications divisions.

Mr. Nishiyama began his career in 1985 with a position in Production Management with Canon Inc. in Japan. In his over 30 years with Canon, he has spent 21 years in sales organizations, working in six different countries including Panama, Chile, Germany, and the UK. He has spent the past seven years in the U.S. with Canon Solutions America, with additional responsibilities in Canon U.S.A.

Having spent time working for both direct and indirect channels, Mr. Nishiyama brings a comprehensive viewpoint to his current position. Additionally, he has spent the majority of his career with local sales organizations, working directly with the teams who support customers on a daily basis, which has given him invaluable insight into the needs and requirements of the customer.

With his broad experience across the Canon organization, Mr. Nishiyama brings a distinctive and indispensable perspective to the executive team.


Robert Reddy

Senior Vice President, Large Format Solutions, Operations

Robert Reddy is responsible for all sales and marketing programs and financial management within the Large Format Solutions division of Canon Solutions America. With the benefit of his many years of experience and extensive knowledge of the business and the marketplace, Mr. Reddy oversees all strategic decision making and business programs for the Large Format Solutions division.

Mr. Reddy joined the Canon family of companies in 2009 as the Vice President of Sales for Océ North America, Inc., which was acquired by Canon Inc. that same year.

Following the integration of Canon Business Solutions and Océ North America in 2013, Mr. Reddy took on the same role within the large format business unit of the newly formed Canon Solutions America. During this time, he was responsible for the implementation of sales across the Large Format Solutions division, located in Itasca, Illinois.

Instrumental in the development and improvement of the sales methodology within the Large Format Solutions division, Mr. Reddy has led a team that has delivered profitable growth throughout his tenure with the company.


John Reilly

Senior Vice President, Global Managed Services

John Reilly is responsible for the Global Managed Services business unit of Canon Solutions America, which encompasses the Enterprise Managed Services Division and the Global Services Division. This new business unit was established January 1, 2018 and specializes in implementing programs that support the essential business functions of enterprise organizations. Under his leadership, Global Managed Services helps distinguish Canon Solutions America in a very competitive marketplace, through a diverse approach to business and the nurturing of innovative thinking. Mr. Reilly provides oversight of the exceptional services that Canon Solutions America delivers to our customers, supporting large, global accounts with transformative platforms that employ managed services and creative solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

Mr. Reilly began his career in the document management industry spending four years in sales management at Canon Business Solutions, the predecessor to Canon Solutions America. He gained further experience in his field through leadership positions in other companies, with a concentration on sales, marketing, and general management. Eventually, Mr. Reilly returned to the Canon family through a series of corporate acquisitions, serving as President of Océ Document Printing Systems just prior to the integration of Océ North America with Canon Business Solutions. This path has given him a rather unique perspective on Canon Solutions America and the industry, as he has gained practical, first-hand knowledge of both the Canon and Océ organizations.


Naoki "Mike" Sannomiya

Senior Vice President, Marketing & Strategy, Enterprise Services & Solutions

With decades of experience across the Canon family of companies, Naoki “Mike” Sannomiya brings extensive knowledge of marketing, direct sales, and solutions planning to his role as Senior Vice President of Marketing & Strategy for the Enterprise Services & Solutions division. He is in charge of marketing and sales support for the group that provides scalable, flexible solutions to organizations of all sizes and in all types of industries.

In 1987, Mr. Sannomiya began with Canon Marketing Japan by accepting a sales position.

He has since built his career through gaining in-depth insight into the functions and requirements of enterprise organizations. He has gained a keen understanding of best practices and the streamlining of business operations, which he has used to provide invaluable support in many distinct areas of Canon. Mr. Sannomiya first joined Canon Business Solutions in 2009, and therefore has been with Canon Solutions America through the integration with Océ and since the origination of the company in 2013. With skills spanning myriad areas of Canon and experience in multi-cultural relations, Mr. Sannomiya brings a unique and valuable viewpoint to the executive team.