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Canon Solutions America Connects with B2B Growth Podcast to Explore Cybersecurity Issues

Discussion emphasizes Five Pillars of Security approach to combating organizational security risks

November 15, 2019 – Cybersecurity threats are a substantial concern for organizations in today’s constantly evolving technological landscape. As a thought leader and a well-positioned solutions provider in the security sector, Canon Solutions America joined Sweet Fish Media’s B2B Growth, a daily podcast dedicated to helping business-to-business executives achieve progress, on November 8 for a thought-provoking conversation exploring the current security sphere.

The podcast, entitled “Why Cybersecurity Matters for Marketers (And What To Do About It),” featured Mark Sinanian, Senior Director of Solutions Marketing at Canon Solutions America, and host Logan Lyles touching on an assortment of topics including Canon Solutions America’s approach to combating cyber threats, cultural shifts in the ways in which security concerns are managed, and regulatory security measures affecting marketers, such as The EU General Data Protection Regulation and the upcoming California Consumer Privacy Act. As Sinanian notes, security impacts everyone, and an organization must address all layers to create an effective defense.

Listen to the podcast here.

“As a Canon affiliate, Canon Solutions America recognized that we needed a holistic and layered approach to security both in our messaging and our products and services,” Sinanian said during the podcast. “We call it the Five Pillars of Security, and it is really designed to take all of these complex technologies and relate it to our customers in a way that’s easy for them to wrap their heads around, delivered in smaller bites so that it’s more easily digestible.”

Canon Solutions America’s Five Pillars of Security approach offers invaluable solutions focused on cybersecurity, as well as helping improve the security of printing, devices, documents, and information. An effective security posture results from a combination of people, process, and technology. Canon Solutions America’s portfolio of security solutions and services can help to protect information as it flows both internally and externally through an organization, allowing business growth through improvements in productivity and efficiency.

“There is no simple solution to cybersecurity,” said Rob Sloan, Cybersecurity Research Director at The Wall Street Journal’s WSJ Pro. “It takes the multi-dimensional approach that Canon Solutions America has set out in its Five Pillars of Security and security professionals coming together as a community…to share ideas, knowledge, and experience."

“Canon Solutions America’s Five Pillars of Security approach can assist you in protecting your most important assets,” said Holly Muscolino, Research Vice President, Content and Process Strategies and the Future of Work, International Data Corporation. “This approach can address risks from several different perspectives, while considering how individual roles, processes, and technologies can help strengthen your organization’s security position.”

Under the direction of the Five Pillars of Security approach and the aid of powerful tools, such as a comprehensive Cybersecurity Integrity Audit, organizations can better position themselves against potential attacks. These comprehensive vulnerability assessments and penetration testing services can expose and help mitigate safekeeping pitfalls within an organization’s technological infrastructure.

To find about more about obtaining a Cybersecurity Integrity Audit visit: Cybersecurity Integrity Audit Brochure

Sinanian added: “The first step in addressing any security concerns is trying to figure out where you are today. Where is your organization from a security exposure standpoint? It all starts with some kind of an assessment to determine how secure you are and where the potential security risks are. You really don’t know what to fix until you have an idea of where you are as compared to benchmark organizations.”

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