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In Her Own Words: Kim Haydel’s Leadership Approach Varies By Market

February 7, 2024 – Article in Bizwomen written by Ellen Sherberg, featuring Kim Haydel, Vice President, Workplace Technologies and Services, Sales, at Canon Solutions America.

It seems counterintuitive that management practices in large corporations would need to be more individualized than in smaller concerns, yet Canon Solutions America’s Kim Haydel learned to vary her approach depending on the regional culture and size of the market.

Leading a cross-market team that spans different regions can be a difficult task as workplace needs vary, and there aren’t one-size-fits-all solutions. Each market has its own challenges, so successfully managing a team of this caliber requires deliberate thought, planning and adapting; similar to making a well-seasoned dish.

On the West Coast, work-life balance reigns supreme. My Los Angeles team values flexibility and remote work options. Meanwhile, employees in the Mountain Desert region tend to be more traditional, preferring in-office collaboration. In the Pacific Northwest, talent is hard to come by, so employee development and retention are top priorities. And geographic location isn’t the only factor, as sometimes the size of the market matters too. For example, staff in our smaller markets at Canon Solutions America might like independence, but we still must ensure we’re supporting them by filling any gaps that might arise.

To solve communication roadblocks, many companies have resorted to mandatory in-office returns. But using one solution, such as office mandates, to solve every problem could create additional issues and concerns. As an effective leader, it’s my duty to determine what motivates and engages each team, even if that looks different across regions. While the base ingredients for success are the same (goals, objectives, missions), the specific blend of tactics (benefits, culture, management style, etc.) depends on the region and its market.

Given the recent changes across the landscape of the past few years, I have found the following best practices to be helpful:

  1. Things are fluid. Something that may have worked six months ago might not work now, so there is a need to adapt and evolve.
  2. Communicate online (or live) often. When pinging and emailing, items can get lost in transit. But the phone works both ways – give each other a call; it doesn’t need to be formal. When online is necessary, there are tools to help make the experience less stodgy and more interactive. For instance, technology such as the AMLOS (Activate My Line of Sight) solution was developed by Canon U.S.A., Inc. to provide a software-and-camera product suite designed to provide a new level of engagement for collaboration across multiple locations using the power of Canon's image processing technology, along with hand gesture controls.
  3. Provide forums to keep all teams connected. Communication shouldn’t be just linear. As a leader, you can connect your teams cross-market. Who knows? Maybe they’re experiencing the same problems and can brainstorm solutions together.

For the original article, click here: In Her Own Words: Kim Haydel’s leadership approach varies by market - Bizwomen (bizjournals.com)

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