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Technology and solutions for automotive dealerships

Technology and solutions for automotive dealerships

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As an innovator serving a variety of high-powered industries, Canon Solutions America has leveraged its heritage and unique technology to create an automated document imaging system best-suited for automotive dealers. This all-encompassing digital transformation tool can help eliminate many manual business processes across your dealership that are often labor-intensive, including those within Fixed Ops, HR initiatives like employee on-boarding, invoice workflows related to Accounts Payable and Receivables, approvals and signatures in Contracts, and Sales functionality. The time is now to revolutionize your business into a well-oiled machine.


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With the Intelligent Dealer Electronic Archiving System (IDEAS), you can personalize how you want to begin your digital transformation journey—whether by utilizing basic document digitization with IDEAS Elements, incorporating true automatic document and data capture with IDEAS Essentials, or fully automating your entire dealership’s business process with IDEAS Enterprise. Set off on the path to automation at your own pace.

IDEAS Elements

IDEAS Elements provides a low-cost traditional print and scan document solution built on a world-class document content management system that supplies exceptional features.

IDEAS Enterprise

IDEAS Enterprise builds on the same features of IDEAS Essentials and introduces automated workflows that can work in conjunction with all other areas of your business. These intuitive workflows address areas like employee on-boarding, contracts, and parts requisitions, and can help save hundreds of staff-hours. They can even enable you to run efficiently and productively with fewer full-time equivalent (FTE) employees.

IDEAS Essentials

IDEAS Essentials is based on the same superior content management system but is designed for Fixed Ops to help eliminate the expense and labor burden of handling paper. This is accomplished by leveraging Canon’s unique Scanless Automated Filing Engine (SAFE™) auto capture technology that can help to virtually eliminate 90 percent of the paper generated in service with repair orders and deal jackets.

Let’s face it—printing and scanning costs your business money and ties up techs with paper rather than diagnosing and fixing cars. By implementing this system, our customers have saved thousands of dollars per month and gained an extra bay turn per tech per day.


Electronic Archiving - The Real Story

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Canon’s IDEAS with SAFE™ technology can transform
“What if” into reality.

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