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Security. Productivity. Control.

In today’s world of intelligent MFDs, Canon’s award winning imageRUNNER ADVANCE just got smarter. Introducing uniFLOW Online Express. This dynamic business tool is included with every Third Generation – Second Edition device*. All you have to do is activate it.

Getting started with uniFLOW Online Express is easy. At Canon Solutions America improving our customer experience is our greatest priority. uniFLOW Online Express enhances the imageRUNNER ADVANCE Third Generation multifunctional system in a number of ways.

*uniFLOW Online Express is available for all generations of imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices as an add-on feature that can be installed at you location. Contact your local Canon Solutions America representative to learn more.


What is uniFLOW Online Express?

Features & Key Benefits?

uniFLOW Online Express adds simple and secure cloud-based authentication, scanning and accounting for organizations who do not want to invest in or manage local servers.



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Flexible Authentication

Canon devices can be secured against unauthorized access and usage, which helps to protect your documents and network infrastructure. To gain access to devices, users simply authenticate using their company proximity card or by entering a PIN code.

Simple Document Scanning

Users can scan documents directly from any connected Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE. The lean and intuitive user interface, plus the secure “Scan to Myself” and “Scan to Google Drive” workflows, help to bring about immediate gains in productivity.

Track Print, Scan, and Copy Costs

Administrators can track the organization’s printing, copying, faxing, and scanning costs, which facilitates correct cost allocation to individual users. The dashboard displays an overview of the organization’s print, scan, and copy environment and different reports can be created to give detailed user, device, and sampling summaries.

Cloud-based Infrastructure

uniFLOW Online Express’ innovative technology means there is no requirement for a local server. All configuration and management of the system occurs in the cloud, providing administrators with online reporting tools and dashboards.



Prevent Unauthorized Use of the Device

uniFLOW Online Express enables administrators to allow access to Canon printers to authorized users only. This avoids data breaches and misuse because the device is locked so print, scan, copy, and fax functionalities are unavailable to unauthorized visitors or employees.

Improve Office Productivity

Simplify document scanning on Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices. The intuitive user interface allows an easy upload of document scans direct to the user or the user’s Google Drive account.

Gain Control Over Costs

uniFLOW Online Express helps administrators gain complete control of printing, copying, scanning, and faxing activities. It can highlight users’ expenditure and areas where costs could be reduced. Thanks to its unique technology, immediate financial benefits are realized as local servers are not required and the burden on IT departments is reduced.



Microsoft Azure™ – Secure Hosting Platform

  • Azure data centers are distributed globally: Ireland, Netherlands,
    USA, Japan, Singapore, Australia and Brazil
  • Azure meets a broad set of international, country & industry-specific compliance standards
  • Data centers comply with industry standards (such as ISO 27001) for physical security and availability

Customer Data remains within the local Region

  • Multiple Microsoft Azure™ data centers allow customer data to respect data sovereignty as it remains within the local region

No Passwords are stored in uniFLOW Online Express

  • uniFLOW Online Express does not store your identity provider password, it merely accepts an authentication token

Sensitive information is encrypted

  • E.g. ID card numbers or PIN numbers

Learn more about how uniFLOW Express can add value to your office document workflow, download the brochure now.





Seeing is believing. Watch our videos to learn about what uniFLOW Online Express is; how easy it is to get started; how uniFLOW Online Express enhances the user experience and then benefits of basic scanning to the cloud.

Introducing uniFLOW Online Express


Getting started with uniFLOW Online Express


uniFLOW Online Express User Experience


Scanning to Google Drive uniFLOW Online