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PlotWave 345 / 365


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Wide Format Printer Buyer's Guide

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PlotWave 345 / 365 Large Format Printing Systems

1. Fast and Easy with Clearconnect Panel

  • Touchscreen with multi-touch gestures for tablet/smartphone-like interaction.
  • Easily control printer and scanner/copier with your fingertips using the simple screen movements.
  • Swipe, spread, and zoom in on details of a drawing.
  • Live Preview function to confirm documents are correctly scanned to avoid errors.

2. Neat Document Delivery

  • Integrated Top Delivery Tray neatly stacks and collates up to 50 E-size/A0 documents.
  • Air separation technology prevents large documents from cascading onto the floor like conventional top stackers.
  • Optional Delivery Tray provides additional 150 sheets (E-size/A0) capacity.
  • Optional Estefold 2400 fanfolder.

3. Get Better Copy and Color Scanning Results

  • Image Logic technology automatically compensates for wrinkled and light-colored originals to produce superior results.
  • Originals are inserted face-up and width of original is detected automatically.
  • Create one-touch Scan Templates to capture commonly used settings or to require standardized scan settings.

4. Instant Productivity with Radiant Fusing Technology

  • Get instant start-up and use half the energy of comparable systems.
  • Fast first print out. From cold sleep to print in hand in less than 40 seconds.
  • Increase productivity even more with the second roll option for multiple width rolls or longer unattended printing.

5. Effortless Roll Changing

  • Up to 650-foot roll length for maximum efficiency.
  • Built-in roll loading station in each drawer.
  • Media is auto-fed into the printer and roll width is auto-detected and displayed on the ClearConnect touchscreen display.

6. Reliable Quality and Performance

  • Take advantage of superb print quality with high resolution Pico Printing at 600 x 1200 dpi.
  • Award-winning industrial design with robust and durable materials.
  • Extensively used areas of the printer are fabricated out of metal for commercial duty.

7. Eco-Friendly System

  • This system has the lowest sound levels and heat compared to conventional fusing systems which operate on heat and pressure rollers and fans.
  • Can be located and operated within workgroup environments.
  • Closed toner system is easy to refill with no clumsy toner cartridges to unscrew or spill. Toner can be added while printing.

8. Productive and Secure POWERsync Controller

  • Get the power to handle large and complex technical documents thanks to the productive POWERsync Controller.
  • Concurrency. Scan and copy while printing.
  • Protect confidential information with the latest security and protection features supported by a Microsoft Windows 8 embedded platform.
  • The open interface of the POWERsync Controller enables the printer to embed software like uniFLOW.

9. Flexible Workflow

  • This system is designed to make it easier to prepare, produce, and manage complex technical documents and sets of drawings.
  • Advanced tools make it easy to get documents where you need them, when you need them.

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Highlights PlotWave 345 and PlotWave 365 Large Format Printing System
Fast and easy with ClearConnect panel The user panel works like a tablet, as you can easily control the printer with your fingertips. Swipe, spread and zoom in on details of drawings or images. Check if documents are correctly positioned and avoid errors by using the live preview.
Neat document delivery Get up to 50 E/A0-size neatly collated and stacked documents on the top delivery tray thanks to the air separation technology.
Get better copy and color scanning results Color Image Logic automatically compensates for folds, wrinkles, and light colors to produce superior results. Originals are inserted face-up and paper width is detected automatically.Presets available for Grayscale, color, photo and blueprint originals.
Instant productivity with Radiant Fusing Get instant start-up and use half the energy of comparable systems. With a remarkable print speed up to 4 or 6 ppm (D-size/A1) and a first print out of 30 seconds you get instant productivity. Increase your productivity even more with the 2 roll option for unattended printing, and scan while printing.
Effortless roll changing Save time and effort with the built-in roll loading station.Once loaded, paper is fed into the printer, cut and sized – completely automatically. Roll changing is simple and easy, with motor fed media loading,media cutter in the drawer , and automatic media width detection.Manual feed ofcut sheet media is supported.
Reliable quality and performance Take advantage of a superb print quality with high resolution Pico Printing at 600x1200 dpi. Image Logic automatically detects width of originals to ensure first time right results.
Eco friendly system The system has very low ozone emissions, low levels of heat and is "whisper quiet" at only 24 dB(A) in standby and sleep. No noisy fans like conventional systems, so it can be easily placed into virtually any environment.
Flexible workflow The system is designed to make it easier to prepare, produce and manage complex technical documents and sets of drawings. Advanced software tools make it a breeze to get documents where you need them, when you need them.
Safeguard your security Protect confidential information with the latest FIPS 140-2 certified security features supported by a Windows 8 embedded platform and our POWERsync controller. The open interface of the POWERsync controller also enables the printer to fit smoothly into existing software, like uniFLOW, and hardware without worrying about operational or security issues.
System Configurations  
1 Roll (standard) or 2 Rolls printing system Productive Wide Format B&W printer with ClearConnect multi-touch user panel.
Stacking systems (standard) Integrated Top Delivery Tray. Up to 50 sheets E-size/A0 capacity.
ClearConnect multi-touch user interface (standard) Consistent look and feel from every angle of your workflow, standard including Smart Inbox, SmartAccess and Live Preview.
Canon media switch (standard) Full automated media switch, to guide the media to the top delivery tray or back output depending on the user application.
ClearConnect Workflow software (standard) Wide format Printer Driver 2 for Microsoft® Windows®, PostScript® 3 driver, Mobile WebTools for iOS®, Android® and BlackBerry®, Publisher Mobile for IOS® and Android®, Publisher Express, Publisher Select 2.
Productive scanning system (optional) Scanner Express with Image Logic technology.
Folding systems (optional) Estefold 2400 fanfolder.Level 0 (inline) integration with printer.
Stacking Systems (optional) Canon Delivery Tray provides an additional 150 sheets (E-size/A0) capacity.Increase your total stacking capacity from 50 (Top Delivery Tray) to 200 sheets.
Media capacity upgrade (optional) 2nd roll optionto increase media capacity from 1,950 to 3,900 square feet (183 to 365 m2).
Workflow software (optional) Direct Print Pro/Lite, Publisher Select 2, Adobe® PostScript ®3/PDF file interpreter, Reprodesk, Account Center, View Station.
Hardware (optional) 2ndroll. Scanner Express.Removable Hard Disk.Climate Control.Estefold 2400 fanfolder. Delivery Tray.TPM module (required with Disk Encryption option).
Starter kit included 1 bottle toner (400 g), 1 bottle developer (1,750 g), 1 roll 36 inch 20 lb bond paper (75 g/m2).
Incredibly fast print out Print speed up to 4 ppm D-size/A1 (PlotWave 345), up to 6 ppm D-size/A1 (PlotWave 365).
1- click printing from USB
1- click printing from Smart Inbox or last send job (SmartAccess)
Instant start-up due to Radiant Fusing technology
Virtually Silent* in Standby and Sleep (*under 25 dB) Radiant Fusing technology eliminates noise.
Accelerated first print out time from standby mode (D-size/A1) 30 seconds
Accelerated first copy out time from standby mode (D-size/A1) 35 seconds
Average first print out time from sleepmode (D-size/A1) 40 seconds (including 1 click USB printing, file processing, top delivery)
Imaging technology Electrophotography (LED) with Organic photoconductor (OPC)
Radiant Fusing Technology with instant warm up
Clean toner refill system
Virtually no ozone emission
Fusing technology Radiant Fusing. Instant warm up.
Toner/ type Océ black toner: 400 grams per bottle
Speed (print and copy) PlotWave 345:
4 D-size/A1 per minute
2 E-size/A0 per minute
PlotWave 365:
6 D-size/A1 per minute
3 E-size/A0 per minute
Resolution 600 x 1200 dpi
Minimum line width (ISO/IEC 13660:2001E) 0.06 mm, 0.00236 inch
1:1 Line accuracy < 0.3 % (E-size)
Size main engine (W x D x H) Compact design: 60.1" x 31.6" x 58.9" (1527 x 803 x 1495 mm) including Top Delivery Tray
Weight main engine (printer only) 397 lbs (180 kg)
Media handling  
Media capacity 1 roll (standard), option for 2nd roll, and manual feed of cut sheet media
Paper cutting Cutters included in the media drawer for fast media switching
Maximum paper capacity 1 Roll (650 ft L x 36" W): 1,950 sq ft.2 Rolls (650 ft L x 36" W): 3,900 sq ft.
Media sizes ARCH: B, C, D, E, E1, 30", 21", 15".ANSI: B, C, D, E.ISO: A3, A2, A1, A0, B2, B1, B2_700, B1_700
Mediaweight Bond: 16 - 28 lb (60 - 110 g/m2).Film: Polyester 3.5 mil.
Roll width (min./max.) 11" - 36" (279 - 841 mm)
Roll widths supported 11", 12", 15", 17", 18", 21", 22", 24", 30", 34", 36", 297mm, 420mm, 500mm, 594mm, 700mm, 707mm, 841mm
Printed length (min./max.) 16.5" - 577 ft (420 mm - 176 m)
Media type Paper: Engineering Bond, Vellum, Recycled Bond, Tinted Bond, Xtreme #27 Bond.Film: Polyester 3.5 mil
Automatic media handling - automatic media selection (based on drawing size and finishing)
- automatic optimization of media selection for productivity, media saving
- automatic rotation and alignment for folding
- automatic legend detection
User Interface  
Description ClearConnect multi-touch panel
Size (W x D x H) 11.8" x 8.7" x 1.6" (300 x 220 x 40 mm).Touch screen: 10.4" (264 mm) color LCD (diag.)
Resolution 800 x 600 pixels
Number of colors 16.2 million
Technology Projective capacitive touch
Operation 3 hard buttons: [Wake-up], [Stop / Interrupt / Abort], [Home]
Multi-touch functions: tap, double tap, pinch, 2 finger pinch, swipe, flick and spread
Interface design Distinctive user interface with intuitive navigation and clearly defined levels of operation
Features View optimization: Tilt (-4 to +45 degrees) and swivel (-45 to +180 degrees)
Status light (red, orange, green)
USB 2.0 interface with indication light
Description POWERsync controller with Windows 8 Embedded, 64 bits
Processor Dual-Core G1620 @ 2.70GHz
Memory 4 GB DDR3 (standard)
Video Intel HD Graphics, 1GHz
Hard disk 500 GB, 7200rpm (standard)
Interface Ethernet 100 Mbits/s, 1 Gbit/s
Discovery: APIPA, WS-Discovery, SNMP
Page description language TIFF, JPEG, HPGL, HPGL2, DWF, C4, Calcomp 906/907/951, CALS, NIRS, NIFF, PS/PDF (optional)
Printing protocol: LPR, FTP, WebDav, WSD print
Back channel protocol: SNMP , Océ Wave interface, WS-Discovery.
Security E-shredding, IPSec, IP filtering/Access Control Lists, HTTPS, audit logging, network protocol enable/disable, LDAP integration, Active Directory Integration (optional),User authentication on local ClearConnect user panel (LDAP/Active Directory credentials, smart card) for scan/copy/print. Configure HTTPS Certificates.Removable hard disk option, Optional FIPS 140-2 Certified Trusted Platform Module (TPM) andBitLocker based hard disk encryption, hard disk wipe (Only with Disk Encryption), Configurable CA certificate, Disable Network Ports and Protocols, Security Event Logging, Optional Single Sign-on (on device).
Cloud support Unlimited user and or Administrator authenticated cloud support via WebDav and/or third party provider: e.g. Microsoft® SharePoint®, Dropbox®,Box.com, box.net, Google® Drive®, Microsoft® OneDrive®, Amazon Cloud Drive®, Cloudsafe®, MyDisk®. The cloud user authentication can either be preconfigured by the administrator or done by the user at the time of accessing the specific cloud
Transformations Scaling: Scaling (scale-to-fit page, reduce when image too large to avoid clipping or to custom factor, scale page size to standard size), Rotation, Shift (automatic or user defined), Adding/removing trailing/leading edge, Mirror, Black intensity in poster mode, Print optimization (standard, lines/text, poster). Color Highlight and Dark Original. Area to erase (area of interest)
Description Contact Image Sensor (CIS) Color scanner with Image Logic technology
Scan resolution 600 x 600 dpi
Scan speed Up to 47.9 ft./min (14.6 m/min) Black & white scanning
Up to 31.8 ft./min (9.7 m/min) Copying
Up to 15.7 ft./min (4.8 m/min) Color scanning
Scan formats TIFF, PDF, PDF/A, JPEG, CALS, multi-page PDF, multi-page PDF/A and multi-page TIFF
Scan templates Virtual unlimited number of scan templates to standardize common scan settings and destinations
Scan destination Local USB flash drive, FTP, SMB, Smart Inbox on Controller, Optional Local Home folder (LDAP), mobile device via Océ Mobile WebTools, WebDav Clouds.
Scan naming Preset naming with auto numbering for productive scanning or file name on the ClearConnect user panel keyboard.
Original width (min./max.) 8.2'' - 36" (208 - 914 mm)
Original length (min./max.) 8.2"- 52.5 ft (208 mm - 16 m)
Original thickness Maximum 0.03" (0.8 mm) non-rigid documents
Zoom (copy) 1:1, Scale to media size, Scale to standard format, Custom: 10 - 1,000 %
Original types Presets Lines & text draft, Lines & text standard, Folded lines & text, Photo, Colored Original, Artwork, Map, Dark Original, Blueprint
Dimensions (W x D x H) 43" x 12" x 5.5" (1,097 x 308 x 140 mm)
Weight 55 lbs (25 kg)
Sound power level Standby and sleep modes: less than 25 dB
Print mode: less than 55 dB
Ozone concentration <0.001 mg/m3, < 0.000473 PPM (0.05% of permitted limit value)
Heat emission Ready: 72 W, Active:1.6 kW
Power requirements 90 - 240 V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption Sleep mode: 1 W
ready mode: 88 W
Active mode: 1.5 kW
Safety/EMC marks & environmental labels CE, TUV GS, CETECOM, C-UL-US, Energy Star 2.0, FEMP, Rohs, CCC, VCCC
Recyclables Printer: made of steel or highly recyclable plastics: up to 95% of the engine can either be upcycled or recycled. Remaining 5% are non toxic waste.
Toner: bottles made of highly recyclable HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)
ClearConnect Workflow Software  
Job submission Create, retrieve and/or send jobs from drivers (Wide format Printer Driver 2 for Microsoft® Windows®, PostScript® 3 driver for Microsoft® Windows® or Apple® OS ), external locations (SMB, FTP, LPR, WebDav), Mobile devices via Express WebTools and Publisher Mobile, USB flash drive, Cloud services and optional Home folder(LDAP).
1-click printing from USB, 1-click printing from last send jobs via Print SmartAccess on ClearConnect user panel. The Smart Inbox on the ClearConnect user panel enables job preview: swipe between your jobs for print selection and preview. Pan to view the image in detail (zoom).
With the template oriented Publisher Select 2 submitter for Microsoft Windows, multiple files are supported. Print multiple times, and sort by page or set. Media saving automatically rotates print files to optimize media usage.
Queue management Spool memory provides a queuing system for print and copy jobs. This allows multiple users to send print and copy jobs at the same time. Customize priority settings for copy and print jobs in the queue.
The Job queue overview gives access to job names, owners and status including required media. Jobs can be paused, deleted and placed on top of the queue.
Print management View counter history at preferred time periods, per job or total overview. View, create, edit and delete stamp templates.

Optional uniFLOW support, login your personal uniFLOW Queue on the ClearConnect User interface. Supports manual authentication and card readers
Scan to file Océ Scanner Express offers full hybrid performance with its template based scan-to-file functionality. Scan to file in 3 easy steps. Insert the original in the Color scanner, Select the template of your choice and touch the scan button. Send files, via SMB, FTP,WebDAV, SNMP(optional) to various locations such as local drives, personal Smart Inboxes, Personal home folder via active directory (optional) or the cloud application of your choice. Scan to USB or use Mobile WebTools and Publisher Mobile to scan to mobile devices.
Custom scan file naming to any location. Check plot functionality.
ClearConnect supports Live Preview during scanning on the user panel. Check and zoom in on every detail of your document thanks to the full preview functionality of the ClearConnect user panel or remote on your PC.
Scan to Canon Color inkjet printer Scan directly to Canon imagePROGRAF IPF 800 series via Publisher Select 2
ClearConnect multi-touch user interface ClearConnect enables a consistent view on your workflow from every possible angle, and job management is made easy. Default jobs can be performed by only clicking the green button (SmartAccess for Print, Scan and Copy). Behavior is customizable via Express WebTools. Edit the most common used job settings for copy, scan, and print jobs. Presets can be defined in Express WebTools.

The Smart Inbox supports multi-user environments and 1-click printing via the SmartAccess for all users.

Thanks to the virtually unlimited number of Scan Templates (up to 200), scanning is as easy as 1-2-3. Insert your original, select the template of your choice and touch the Scan Button for the best scan quality thanks to Image logic.

The Express WebTools controller application supports customizable workflows. Separate work spaces give you a complete overview and full control over print and scan job management. Tasks you can manage are: Settings and configuration management, Network connectivity management, Queue management, License management, System monitoring, Scan retrieval, Print job submission. You can access the integrated Express WebTools controller application from any networked workstation.

Job Queue view to check the status of your job in the print Queue, available wherever you are with a single click.

The ClearConnect includes a context sensitive online help. Switch between languages easily on the ClearConnect user panel.

Use the Smart Inbox to view all jobs with status, job name and owner. Actions to print, print all, edit, send to..., delete and save. Custom sorting of jobs in list or group view.
What you see is what you print with Wide-format Printer Driver.
Open API for third party or own-developed applications integrated with the ClearConnect user panel.

Configurable accounting
Mobile and Cloud Print from and scan to the cloud application of your choice. With the help of mobile applications such as Mobile WebTools and Publisher Mobile the printer can be easily accessed and used from any location.

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PlotWave 345/365 Large Format Printer

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PlotWave 345/365 Image Logic

PlotWave 345/365 Radiant Fusing Technology

PlotWave 345/365 Pico Printing

PlotWave 345/365 POWERsync Control

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