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Ability to produce SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics), Butt Seam, Fin Prayer Seam, Fold Overlap, Hem, Hem with Pocket, Hem with Rope, Sewn Seam, Extrusion Beading, Velcro Webbing.

  • Transport system synced with sewing machine for accurate and precise flow of material handling and product finishing
  • Hands free SEG feeding and cutting
  • Programmable back stitch configuration and stitch cut for easy operational use
  • Synchronized needle bar and feed for even stitching
  • Needle cooling for faster sewing
  • Multiple seam configuration for almost any type of job
  • Light aluminum frame for easy mobility around your facility
  • Easy to use touch controls
  • Driven roller for large graphics
  • Robust Durkopp Adler sewing machine for maximum up time

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Sewing Single or Double Lockstitch Needle Spacing 6mm - 45mm
Power Requirements 208-240 Volts - Singe Phase - 13 Amp.
Air Requirements 1cfm @ 90psi
Power Consumption Approx. 3kW
Width 78" (1.98m)
Length 158" (4m)
Height 68” (1.72m)
Weight 1,325 lbs (600kg)
Conveyor Length 158” x 33.25" (4m x 0.84m)

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