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Delivering the products and solutions to help you meet your digital office needs.

We recognize the distinctiveness of each business environment and have worked with leading software companies to offer a breadth of value-add solutions that focus on individual workflow needs. As a result, Canon and its development partners have created robust software and hardware solutions to address the unique requirements of the general office as well as various vertical markets, such as Financial Services, Legal, Manufacturing, State and Local Government, Education, Healthcare, and Automotive.

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Document Distribution Software

Document Distribution Solutions from Canon Solutions America can help you efficiently digitize your data, share it, and integrate it into existing systems and workflows.

Featured Document Distribution Solutions

Cloud Connector

Cloud Connector

Cloud Connector is an easy-to-use application that connects imageRUNNER ADVANCE DX, imagePRESS Lite, and supported imagePRESS models with select cloud services, allowing users to expand their cloud-based print and scan capabilities without the need for additional backend system configuration.

Logo for uniFLOW Capture

uniFLOW Capture

uniFLOW Capture allows you to manage your organization’s scan environment and create integrated scan workflows, thus improving your staff and office productivity and ensuring compliance.

Logo for Canon Digital Mailroom

Canon Digital Mailroom

A distributed workforce model presents a challenge to organizations needing to administer business-critical information in an uninterrupted fashion.

The Canon Digital Mailroom helps mailrooms quickly scan and distribute important paper-based documents as they arrive from the post office.

Logo for RightFax

RightFax Fax Server - Scalable Fax Automation Solutions

RightFax, the market-leading network fax server solution, automates time-intensive manual paper-driven processes by integrating them into your business applications and systems. Learn how the benefits of RightFax save you time and money by redefining and modernizing fax and document distribution within your company.

Logo for Kofax AutoStore

KOFAX® AutoStore – Secure, Enable & Automate your document capture workflows

AutoStore 8.0 offers a robust set of capabilities designed to help your organization be more efficient and productive in the way you work. AutoStore 8.0 offers a central way for your organizatio to manage paper and electronic documents and perform data capture activities that offer enterprise-level information and governance controls.

Document Management Software

Streamline your business processes with powerful information management software from Canon Solutions America. Our solutions help keep you focused on business critical challenges by creating an efficient document, information and workflow management environment.

  • Easily store documents
  • Retrieve documents quickly
  • Efficiently collaborate with peers
  • Securely store information
  • Capture documents
  • Create automated workflows

At Canon Solutions America we can work together to build you a solution that can increase productivity and decrease your operating costs.

Accounts Payable

Monthly Invoices
Export invoices directly from ERP system and email directly to customers; get alerts for unpaid invoices.


Order Tracking
Track everything from the customer order, to the invoice, payment and receipt.


Student Tracking
Track grades, late notices, and create reports. You can also set up a parent portal to view student documents.


Arrest Records
Securely search, retrieve and file arrest records for each city police case.


Healthcare Records
Secure healthcare files and records for patients with Therefore™ integration.

Human Resources

Onboarding Employees
Streamline the onboarding process and file set up for each employee.


File, store and streamline the claim process for clients, agents and customers.


Client Intake
Create a checklist, with process workflow for new clients. The case will link to all matters related to the client going forward.


Track customer warranties and set up customer auto alerts for the expiration date.

Featured Document Management Solutions

Logo for Therefore Information Management


With Therefore™ information management solution, you can revolutionize the way information is managed throughout your organization. Therefore instantly provides your employees with the ability to capture, archive, retrieve, edit, and process documents and information quickly, efficiently, and securely, helping you to enhance productivity and reduce costs. Therefore speeds up your business cycles and generates a fast return on investment. By increasing the level of electronic information processing you benefit by decreasing your print and output costs.

Logo for IRISXtract


IRISXtract™ is an advanced suite of capture tools that scan and extract key information from documents, connecting and integrating with your back office in real time. IRISXtract’s solution optimizes all critical business processes, including mailroom digitization and accounts payable automation, via an all-in-one platform. It provides end-to-end processing for all types of documents, from capture to integration into your back-end systems such as ERP. It’s advanced OCR tools include capability to process 137 languages and an unlimited number of documents.

Enterprise Printing Software

Receive, convert, print, route & repurpose virtually any datastream from any platform with Canon Solutions America's portfolio of enterprise printing solutions.

  • Optimize your print environment regardless of your legacy applications.
  • Enterprise printing solutions allow you to print from virtually any source to any printer, carrying forward job ticketing where applicable.

Featured Enterprise Printing Solutions

Object Generator

Canon Object Generator for AS/400

Object Generator is designed for enterprise environments that use IBM AS/400 mainframes. Object Generator integrates Canon MFP printers to connect to the IBM AS/400 systems. It simplifies the creation of Workstation Customization Objects for use with Host Print Transform (HPT) on AS/400, iSeries, System I, and now the Power Systems services

Logo for PlanetPress Connect

PlanetPress Connect

PlanetPress Connect enables organizations of any type to create and distribute more effective business documents. Transform paper documents such as invoices, statements and delivery notes to digital formats for distribution or mobile presentment and interaction. Build document workflows to reach customers in a variety of ways: web, email and text messages in addition to traditional print output. It’s never been easier to transform your business to digital from any system.

Logo for uniFLOW Secure Mobile Printing

uniFLOW Secure Mobile Printing

uniFLOW mobile printing allows you to access a document from the cloud and print from any mobile device to any printer, anywhere. Printing requires a release code, so the process is secure.

Logo for RSA Transforms

RSA Transforms

ImageWARE® Secure Audit Manager Express is an information security solution that allows companies to track and audit all print, copy, scan, and fax activity to deter information loss. It reduces information security breaches and facilitates compliance.

Mobile Printing Software

Canon Solutions America has a diverse portfolio of mobile solutions to fit just about every business environment. We can help you determine which solution is right for your business and help turn a complex decision into an easy choice. Whether you need a solution to allow workers and guests the ability to print and scan documents on demand or even manage important documents securely across your organization, we have the right solution for you.

Featured Mobile Printing Solutions

Logo for Canon PRINT Business App

Canon PRINT Business App

Download and install the Canon PRINT Business app for your mobile device from Google Play™ or the App Store®. Use your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet to control the user interface on Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE and imagePRESS Lite C165 devices. Mobile print, scan and send documents from your smart devices just as you would when using the printer’s control panel. Save data in multiple formats to local printers and MFDs or upload and download data to and from popular cloud repositories such as DropBox and Google Drive – all with one app.

Logo for uniFLOW Secure Mobile Printing

uniFLOW Secure Mobile Printing

uniFLOW mobile printing allows you to access a document from the cloud and print from any mobile device to any printer, anywhere. Printing requires a release code, so the process is secure.

Office Productivity Software

Innovative solutions that integrate your devices and PCs, speed up advanced printing and scanning processes and ensure device availability.

Output Management Software

Increase the efficiency of your production printing with printer agnostic solutions that let you print jobs where and when they are needed.

  • Queue up any job from virtually any source to any printer on your network.
  • Load balance jobs across multiple devices to reduce print windows.
  • Output Management solutions means avoiding job loss because your printer goes down.
  • Recover, re-queue, re-route, re-print, re-lax...your print jobs are secure.

Featured Output Management Solutions

Logo for PRISMAdirect


The PRISMAdirect workflow management solution helps streamline print production workflows from order intake through production management to reporting and accounting.

PRISMAdirect can help simplify order acquisition from a multitude of channels including email (MS Outlook), FTP servers, supported web shops or uniFLOW, Canon's industry-leading print and scan management solution for enterprises.

Logo for PRISM Software

DocQueue by PRISM Software

DocQueue is an easy-to-use application for print queue management of network-attached printers, providing many features competitors do not offer, at a very low cost. DocQueue provides advanced management of print queues. It’s easy to operate with point-and-click management of print projects. DocQueue is scalable for print requirements ranging from a single printer, to mid-sized CRDs.

Print Management Software

Print Management Solutions from Canon Solutions America can help you manage usage, reduce waste, and lower costs, while protecting sensitive information.

  • Use the built-in reporting to track, assess, and allocate printing, copying, scanning, and faxing costs.
  • Protect proprietary information by requiring employees authenticate at the device before printing.
  • Enhance you environmental posture by enforcing print policies that reduce paper waste.

Featured Print Management Solutions

Logo for uniFLOW


Whatever the size of your organization, you can use uniFLOW to optimize productivity and help reduce costs by gaining effective control and management over your entire printer fleet. This comprehensive one platform solution is both modular and configurable, so you can customize it to meet your specific needs. With uniFLOW, you can control printing and copying, redirect print jobs to the most cost-efficient device, require user authentication, and accurately measure usage.

Logo for uniFLOW Online

uniFLOW Online

Cloud services can transform how today’s businesses work, optimizing processes while reducing capital spending. uniFLOW Online is a secure cloud-based printing solution for small and medium sized businesses designed to manage entire print environments. The solution aims to reduce overall printing costs and increase security.

Logo for uniFLOW Online Express

uniFLOW Online Express

In today’s world of intelligent MFDs, Canon’s award winning imageRUNNER ADVANCE just got smarter. uniFLOW Online Express adds simple and secure cloud-based authentication, scanning and accounting for organizations who do not want to invest in or manage local servers.

Security Software

Visit our Security Solutions and Service Center for detailed information on Cybersecurity, Print Security, Device Security, Document Security and Information Security

Today security breaches routinely occupy news headlines. Studies show that a majority of breaches come from inside of organizations, so protecting your intellectual property and other sensitive information has never been more important. In fact, security is typically the top priority of IT professionals everywhere.

Canon Solutions America offers a unique solution that can help eliminate information leakage from daily office printing, copying, scanning and faxing activities. Find out how Canon’s imageWARE Secure Audit Manager (SAM) acts as a gatekeeper for your document workflow.

Featured Security Solutions

Logo for Vera

Vera - Data security that follows your files, everywhere

Your need to protect confidential data extends past the borders of your business. Vera’s data security platform secures any kind of data – from Office files to videos and more – giving you the ability to track, audit, and manage access in real-time, no matter how far it travels. We make it effortless to securely collaborate with anyone, no matter which tools they use, including email, Box, Dropbox, or local file shares.

Logo for uniFLOW

uniFLOW Secure Mobile Printing

uniFLOW mobile printing allows you to access a document from the cloud and print from any mobile device to any printer, anywhere. Printing requires a release code, so the process is secure.

Vertical Markets

A diverse software portfolio that can add value to many different industries such as Healthcare, Legal, Education, Government, Automotive, and Finance.

Featured Vertical Markets Solutions

Logo for Intelligent Dealer Electronic Archiving System (IDEAS)

Intelligent Dealer Electronic Archiving System (IDEAS)

This revolutionary document management system helps automotive dealers eliminate the burden and costs associated with the paper intensive processing of service and warranty documentation. The Scanless Automatic Filing Engine (SAFE™) automatically captures, processes and archives critical information required by their OEMs and regulatory entities without the need for printing and scanning.

Logo for Intelligent Grading Solution

Intelligent Grading Solution

This easy-to-use testing and grading system helps educators and corporate trainers automate student evaluations. Designed to provide educators with the flexibility to quickly create and grade tests, the Intelligent Grading Solution also generates detailed analytical reports directly from a multifunction device on-demand to assess performance.

Logo for LRS Output Management

LRS Output Management

Hospitals face a complicated web of output, with a multitude of applications, platforms and devices, which leads to printing redundancies, unnecessary IT labor, and can affect delays in daily operations. While health care clinical systems house important patient information, it can’t ensure that critical patient documents are printed where and when they are needed most, or even that they are printed at all. These problems are expensive, and worse, lead to lapses and delays in patient care.

PaperCut MF - Secure Print Management Software for Education

PaperCut is designed for schools and universities of all sizes. From browser access for students and staff to mixed platform support (Windows, Macintosh OS X and Novell), PaperCut can handle the unique challenges of campus networks. Flexible group level controls including monitoring, quotas, charging, print job filtering and hold/release queues allow you to precisely manage your print resources.

Logo for Pharos UniPrint

Pharos UniPrint

This cost-recovery software for higher education is the industry leader in student pay-for-print/copy service. While supporting the widest variety of devices and campus card systems, it helps institutions save money, improve security, and go green.

Logo for Vera - Data security that follows your files, everywhere

Vera - Data security that follows your files, everywhere

Your need to protect confidential data extends past the borders of your business. Vera’s data security platform secures any kind of data – from Office files to videos and more – giving you the ability to track, audit, and manage access in real-time, no matter how far it travels. We make it effortless to securely collaborate with anyone, no matter which tools they use, including email, Box, Dropbox, or local file shares.

Logo for nQ360 Business Process Solution for Law Firms

nQ360 Business Process Solution for Law Firms

nQ360 provides a 360-degree scope of the document lifecycle – Capture, Process, Output and Archive. nQueue’s industry leading cost recovery solution is now coupled with Therefore™, Canon’s premier information management and archiving system, providing law firms a secure and automated way to manage documents. Together they provide law firms a true top-to-bottom document process solution.

Logo for uniFLOW for SMB

uniFLOW for SMB

With uniFLOW for SMB, Canon is bringing the industry’s most powerful printing management solution within reach of small and medium-size businesses, delivering, for the first time, the key functionalities enjoyed by larger organizations in one strategically configured, easy-to-deploy, cost-effective product.

Enterprise / Office Software

Enterprise / Office Software