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Enterprise Managed Services

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Advances in Technology

Even with all the advances in technology, print is still a vital part of the way businesses communicate both internally and externally—yet it’s becoming increasingly complex and costly to manage. Often it’s one of the largest unchecked and unmonitored expenses found in any organization. Increasingly, businesses have realized the need to focus on actively managing their print environment as a means to help control costs and enhance operational efficiencies.

Canon Solutions America offers its expertise to help you improve the performance of your print environment through Managed Services. We can provide you with information to understand the current state of your print environment, enabling you to make informed decisions on fleet optimization. This can help to reduce expenses and enhance operational efficiencies.

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Canon Solutions America’s Managed Services actively manages and optimizes your print infrastructure and related business processes to help you to increase efficiency, improve productivity, and reduce costs. Our experts remove the day-to-day hassle of print management so you can get on with what you do best, now and for the long term.

Canon Solutions America can help you:

  • Identify potential savings and control the costs of your current print environment.
  • Acquire technology that is the right fit for your organization.
  • Increase performance from your print environment to help IT administrators and employees work more effectively.
  • Simplify device management through a reporting system that accounts for all printers and operating costs.
  • Heighten your environmental sustainability goals by identifying and implementing innovative ways to save energy and reduce waste.

Strategic Approach

Five steps to a controlled print environment

Every organization is different, which is why we spend time getting to know your business processes and IT requirements so we can deliver the most effective solutions. Our five-step approach and methodology provide a single source of accountability at each stage of a managed services engagement, including optimization analysis, design, implementation, service and support, and continuous re-evaluation for business process improvements.

Discover, Design, Implement/Transition, Support/Manage, Review



We begin by examining your organization’s current practices, evaluating volume, usage patterns, and print sources.

Step 2. DESIGN:

Next we create a plan based on your specific requirements. One that builds an optimal device mix and recommends improvements for your business processes.


Then we implement your newly designed print environment and train users on best practices.


Next we monitor and manage your fleet to improve uptime and ROI.


We continually evaluate your print environment to help increase efficiency and optimize results.

Why Us?

Work with an industry leader

There are many reasons why you should choose Canon Solutions America as your Managed Services provider. Benefits include:

  • A Canon U.S.A. Company
  • Global capabilities
  • Certified training and support
  • Single-source solutions provider
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Customized industry solution
  • Genuine Canon parts and supplies
  • Diverse range of input-to-output technology

Enterprise Managed Services

Enterprise Managed Services