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Transform the Way You Work

Transform the Way You Work

To remain competitive in today’s challenging business environment, organizations should look at all aspects of their business for cost-cutting opportunities that not only help increase profits but enhance operational efficiencies. Canon Solutions America’s Global Managed Services division goes beyond printing to address these challenges by developing customized workflows and solutions to help you improve productivity, reduce costs, and reach your sustainability goals.

As your strategic advisor, a dedicated team will work closely with you to design and implement a best-value solution and provide ongoing support across your entire organization. Let our experts help remove your daily inconveniences and relieve your IT and administrative burden so you can focus on the essentials of your business.

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Our Customers Say It Best

See how we helped Schneider Electric optimize their print operation with more efficient workflows and resources to deliver outstanding products.

"Canon came back with the best solutions. Their platforms not only integrated very smoothly with all of our Canon equipment but also integrated with our equipment that isn’t Canon."

- Kris Tanner, Schneider Electric


Canon Solutions America’s managed services and change management experience can be beneficial to your organization in a variety of ways.

  • Unified management of your global print program to help you increase efficiencies and maximize productivity.
  • Operating power spanning over 200 countries and regions*, effectively responding to the diverse needs of customers with worldwide operations.
  • Global Account Manager to coordinate all aspects of your business with Canon.
  • Global contract and local country agreements to harmonize product offerings and services.*
  • Expert consultancy to identify potential savings and help you control the costs of your work environment.
  • Innovative, secure, and scalable solutions designed to meet your current and future business needs.
  • Behavioral change management support to help ensure effective implementation.
  • Technology and workflow modifications to help you reduce waste and energy use.
  • Dedicated personnel, on or off site, with a deep understanding of your business to help you make intelligent decisions based on costs, sustainability, security, and process efficiency.

*Working with affiliate companies in the Canon family of companies.

Leveraging Canon’s robust imaging technology portfolio and resources, Global Managed Services innovates around the latest trends in security, cloud, mobility, and analytics to deliver comprehensive enterprise programs.

Icon used to represent Print Infrastructure Management

Print Infrastructure Management

Active needs assessment, management and reporting on new and existing enterprise-wide print environments, with rule-based printing supporting on-premise and cloud-based deployment

Icon used to represent Digital Workflow Solutions

Digital Workflow Solutions

Assessing and re-engineering current document-intensive processes, to meet desired cost, productivity, collaboration, data, and security outcomes

Icon used to represent On- or Off-site Production Printing

On- or Off-site Production Printing

Responsive digital printing technology able to meet a wide range of high volume transactional and commercial printing needs

Icon used to represent Enhanced Security Solutions

Enhanced Security Solutions

Helping mitigate gaps and vulnerabilities in information management security on the network or at the hardware level

Icon used to represent Cloud-ready Devices and Applications

Cloud-ready Devices and Applications

Integrated cloud-first strategies that include hybrid solutions aligned with cross-organization education, process innovation and information governance

Icon used to represent Predictive Business Intelligence/Analytics

Predictive Business Intelligence/Analytics

Proactive monitoring and machine learning utilized to anticipate upcoming service dates and next supply restocks, helping to improve Service Level Agreements delivery and uptime

Icon used to represent Change Management Consulting

Change Management Consulting

Helping organizational leaders develop standards and best practices through formal programs that address long-term culture and change dynamics beyond project implementation

Icon used to represent On-site and Digital Mail Services

On-site and Digital Mail Services

Automated and streamlined mailroom operations, managing all incoming correspondence and packages from intelligent capture to digital lockers, helping meet the demands of customers and line of business functions

Strategic Approach

We use a proven, five-step approach to implement sustainable change while working to ensure performance and productivity during transition periods.

Transformation Process

Discover, Design, Implement/Transition, Support/Manage, Review


Step 1. Discover and Analyze:

To assess your business needs, we will conduct an audit of your current printing environment, workflows, and challenges, identifying opportunities to enhance productivity.

Step 2. Design:

Leveraging our best practices and subject matter experts, we will design a customized solution to help you achieve your desired business outcomes.

Step 3. Deploy and Transition:

Our team will implement a program to help ensure a seamless transition to your new managed solution, providing training and communications to support both your organization and end-users.

Step 4. Support and Manage:

We will help ensure your print fleet and document workflows maintain optimum performance over the long term, placing the highest importance on achieving agreed Key Performance Indicators and Service Level Agreements.

Step 5. Evaluate and Review:

Utilizing captured service and performance information, we deliver continual improvements, supporting your evolving organizational needs.

Case Studies

Creighton University

Image of Creighton University campus on a sunny day

The best possible solution for their needs with the highest possible return on investment.

Learn more


Image of the UHealth building with clouds

The University of Miami Health System leveraged managed services to improve quality of care and implement cost-effective solutions for both clinical and administrative users.

Learn more

Philanthropic Efforts

Drexel University - TRIPOD at Writers Room

We teamed up with Drexel to create a model for written and creative expression in underserved communities. Commemorating the participants’ achievements, we held a gallery exhibition and book reading followed by the Writers Room Anthology 4 book release.

Notre Dame Robinson Community Learning Center

We are a proud supporter of the Notre Dame Robinson Community Learning Center, an educational initiative of the University of Notre Dame in partnership with the local community. The Center offers a variety of opportunities encouraging students to be the experts, be themselves, and let them grow in their own special ways.

The Creighton University radlab

We are a proud supporter of radlab, Creighton University’s Research and Development Lab. radlab is a free, open environment for members of the Creighton community to accelerate and implement innovative world-changing ideas. With the ability to utilize the latest technological tools, radlab functions as a collaborative space to ideate and create.

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Global Managed Services

Global Managed Services

Global Managed Services

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Connected Enterprises, Complex Environments

As work patterns rapidly evolve, large organizations face a number of vulnerabilities with the exponential growth of devices, equipment, and software connected via the Internet of Things (IoT). Your connected workplace is a complex environment with distinct priorities across departments and business units.

Unilateral technology decisions, promising immediate saves and quick fixes, often result in misaligned or ad-hoc solutions that don't consider shifting organizational needs and workplace dynamics.

At their core, all workflows are an exchange of information that result in an image, either digital or on a piece of paper.

As the information lifecycle grows, so do the risks and pain points.

Holistic Programs

We assign dedicated account teams, on and off site, with a global view of your organization to design and manage workflows that support your core business priorities.

Transformational Change

We link critical behaviors to targeted results, mitigating transition risks and promoting continuous change as you adapt to an accelerating digital workplace.

Strategic Partnership

We go beyond a transactional vendor procurement, aligning our tailored programs with your corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Smarter Workplaces

We optimize your digital ecosystem, aligning business, resource, and technology strategies with adaptive solutions and award-winning imaging technology.

Our Customers Say It Best

See how we helped Schneider Electric optimize its print operation with more efficient workflows and resources to deliver outstanding products.

"Canon came back with the best solutions. Their platforms not only integrated very smoothly with all of our Canon equipment but also integrated with our equipment that isn’t Canon."

- Kris Tanner, Schneider Electric

View more Case Studies

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Unique Solutions for Distinct Priorities

Leveraging Canon’s imaging expertise, we’ve developed solutions that enable you to collaborate in real time, securely, and more cost effectively. From managed print and content services to digital transformation, we solve the big problems with made-to-measure solutions that drive the results you care about.

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