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Updated UV Latex Eco-Solvent Media Guide

Océ Display Graphics Media includes a vast selection of wide format media compatible with UV, UVgel, Latex and Eco-Solvent ink technologies. This variety of media covers photo paper, poster paper, banner vinyl, window perforated film, mesh banner, wall coverings, backlit and more.

NEW Océ Colorado 1640 Media Guide

Océ Imaging Supplies media selection that is all certified to run and has profiles provided. Papers, wall covering, windows, floor, banner and mesh.

Océ Arizona Printer Media and Ink Reference Guide

Your recent purchase has a world of imaging possibilities. Here is a handy reference guide to help introduce our product line to you and toll-free numbers to order supplies, what type of supplies that fi t your Océ Arizona printer and the names of your nearest Océ Sales Representatives nationwide. Océ Display Media is ideal for many UV, latex and eco-solvent printers. The range of media includes products for indoor and outdoor signage, backlit, static cling, fl oor and wall graphics, and scrim vinyl for banners.

Océ ColorWave 3500 Media and Toner Consumables

Stay productive! The Océ ColorWave 3500 printer can create everything from general purpose plotting, color line drawings on paper to full color signs and graphics for short-term point-of-purchase applications. Now with #40 Poster paper, 8 mil Polypropylene and 7 mil Satin Fabric you have an extended range of capabilities to fulfi ll all of your printing application needs!

Océ ColorWave 3700 Media and Toner Consumables

Are you looking to break into new wide format markets? Increase your margins and differentiate yourself from the competition? The new Océ ColorWave 3700 printer and the wide range of consumables it can print on for a wide array of applications may be your answer! The Océ ColorWave 3700 printer allows your creative choices to go to the next level with a wide range of printing applications from canvas to satin fabric, wallpaper, scrim banner and more for POP on #40 poster paper or polypropylene. Expand your applications, stand out in a commodity driven market and test out what the Océ ColorWave 3700 can do for your business today!

Océ ColorWave 910 Printer Media Guide

Speed and Versatility! Océ media is recommended and designed for use in the Océ ColorWave® 910 printer. The range of media from CAD bonds, glossy poster papers, Tyvek® for banners, custom gift wrap-open up new revenue opportunites. Available in rolls in selected sizes on a 3” core. The core size is the only approved size for the the Océ ColorWave printing system.

Berger Soft Signage Solutions

Whether your using a UV, latex or eco solvent printer there are fabric options for you. Check out this new applications and media guide.

Aqueous Media At-A-Glance

Quick look at all the aqueous inkjet media available for indoor, outdoor and specialty applications.

Aqueous Media Compatibility Chart

Large Format Aqueous Inkjet Compatibility Chart

Océ Media Type Technology List

Media Type/Technology List

Wide Format Specialty Printer Settings Guide

Get printer driver settings for your Canon, HP or Epson printer on some speciality media.

Engineering Wide Format Media Guide

Everything you need to stay productive, whether it be architectural design, high-volume print distribution or presentations. Océ engineering media is compatible with most brands of wide format printers. Available in sheets and rolls in selected sizes.

ColorWave 700 Printer Application Guide

Main Graphic Arts applications and Main Technical Documentation applications

Lamination Applications Guide

Explore and discover the perfect finish for your next project.

ColorWave 650 Media Profile Guide

For the Océ ColorWave® 650 printer

Free Media Guides

Free Media Guides