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Introducing Printer Fleet Cybersecurity as a Service™

Weaknesses in Your Printers May Expose Your Entire Enterprise


Often, printers on corporate networks are not configured or maintained for cybersecurity and are not updated on a reliable schedule (no patch management). Most cybersecurity plans don’t even mention, let alone address, these elements. Printer fleets can number in the hundreds or thousands of printers with many different makes, models, and ages of devices. Until now, there has been no way to affordably establish and maintain cybersecurity controls in printer fleets.

The Answer: Symphion’s Printer Fleet Cybersecurity as a Service™

Symphion specifically designed its turnkey Printer Fleet Cybersecurity as a Service™ printer agnostic hardening solution to economically and systematically tackle this unaddressed gap in cybersecurity. It is the perfect hybrid solution to fit into any sized organization.

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Printer Fleet Cybersecurity as a Service™ Editions


Printer Fleet Cybersecurity as a Service™
Symphion PCSaaS targets printer fleets of 250 devices or more (up to thousands of devices.

Features include Evergreen inventory, Base security settings model configuration, perpetually monitored, remediated, and reported.

Contracts are available for a three-year minimum commitment.

Firmware Deployment Service™
Firmware deployment service of provided firmware payloads. All remotely delivered. Where updates are possible. Annual update included with higher frequency available as an option.


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Many variables can impact the security of a customer’s device and data. Canon does not warrant that the use of services, equipment, or related features detailed herein will eliminate the risk of potential malicious attacks, or misuse of devices or data or other security issues.