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Much of the data that moves throughout organizations is still paper-based.

To help prevent the unauthorized printing of sensitive documents, it is critical to control each step of the journey that a document makes from the initial print command to the final output. Canon Solutions America offers print management solutions that involve critical security features to assist you with this task.



  • User Authentication and Authorization
  • Pull Printing
  • Watermarking



  • Auditing
  • Unauthorized Reproduction Security



Access Control - Authentication & Authorization

Controlling access begins by authenticating users at the printer or MFD. This can be accomplished by entering a PIN code or password, or using a proximity card. Users are assigned privileges by an administrator, authorizing them to have access to certain features and functions on the device (copying, printing, scanning, faxing, etc.).


Pull Printing

As suggested by the description, when a user sends a print job to the device, they must authenticate at the device and then release the job (pull the job) at the device. This method is designed to improve the security of sensitive documents by helping to reduce the likelihood of unattended prints laying around in the printer output trays, exposed to unintended persons.


Most comprehensive print management solutions provide users with the ability to place a watermark across pages when printing and/or scanning as a method of preventing sensitive information from being reproduced. Utilizing this feature allows the author to designate documents as confidential, copyright protected or a draft version not for distribution.


Unauthorized Reproduction Security

As print migrates more and more from traditional analog offset print processes into the world of digital high speed variable print processes, so must the security features used to secure crucial hard copy documents and documents with intrinsic value. Any type of document with intrinsic value may be targeted by counterfeiters. Whether you need to prevent altering or copying and pasting from a digital document, or photocopying a hardcopy original, the need for protection is paramount.

If you are a service provider, you can help address your clients concerns by demonstrating your ability to offer a variety of solutions to help protect their intellectual property and sensitive data.


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Printing Security

Printing Security