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Safeguarding the Security of Your Information

Managing information securely is a fundamental aspect of Therefore™ software. Therefore™ helps ensure that sensitive information is only available to authorized users and that all information is securely backed up. Therefore™ is regularly subjected to penetration testing, and its architecture aligns with industry accepted security standards.

  • System permissions restrict unauthorized access to the repository
  • Fully customizable access permissions for specific content and data
  • Anti-tamper measures ensure document authenticity
  • Automatic document back-up for disaster recovery
  • Audit Trail tracks user and document activity
  • Conformation with security standards, regular penetration testing

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  • Access Controls: prevent unauthorized access.
  • Anti-Tamper Measures: such as encryption and security signatures.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery: data can easily be backed-up for recovery if disaster should hit.

Access Control

  • System Permissions make sure only authorized users have access to the system.
  • Therefore™ supports single sign-on for Windows Active Directory, Windows Local Security and LDAP/SAMBA.
  • Client software can not directly access storage devices or database.

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Tamper Measures

  • Security signatures to detect and prevent tampering.
  • Software is regularly tested for vulnerabilities to outside penetration.
  • Design aligns with OWASP, NIST and ISSTMM coding standards.

Disaster Recovery

  • Data can be automatically be saved to primary and backup storage, allowing data retrieval if disaster should strike.

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Many variables can impact the security of a customer’s device and data. Canon does not warrant that the use of services, equipment, or related features detailed herein will eliminate the risk of potential malicious attacks, or misuse of devices or data or other security issues.