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Digital Proof of Service/Delivery

Processing signed forms is time-consuming and error-prone. Misfiled or unreadable supporting documents are inevitable. Matching purchase orders, indexing, and data entry can take days when processed manually. Going digital removes the need for human intervention, accelerates invoicing and provides real-time status visibility.


Focus on the Job, Not the Paperwork icon

Focus on the Job, Not the Paperwork

Paper is often the cause of many inefficiencies in processing. No need for field workers to carry and manage a lot of hard copy documents. A paperless approach minimizes the amount of time spent doing administrative tasks and frees up staff to focus on higher value work.

Enhanced Cash Flows icon

Enhanced Cash Flows

Efficient processing goes hand in hand with improved issue diagnosis, faster billing and delivery, and better customer service. For example, by adding notes and pictures to an electronic form, customer service can proactively address potential issues, leading to faster payment and better cash flow, with no added steps for users.

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Enhanced Customer Experience

Customer service, efficiency and leveraging new technology is the key to keeping and growing your customer base. Delivering a product or service is a key stage of a customer journey. Going digital facilitates fast response to customer inquiries and speedy resolution of discrepancies.

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Integrated Information Management

Once critical data is digitized and communicated, integration into your existing ERP or line-of-business systems is simple. Our content services platform integrates with virtually and back-end system to automate processes and make information instantly available to those who need it.

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Field Workforce Automation Issue Brief

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4 ways Proof of Delivery Shortens the Order-to-Cash cycle

4 ways Proof of Delivery Shortens the Order-to-Cash cycle Cover

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Use Cases

From Human Resources to Accounts Receivable, every application/use case is different. See how Canon Solutions America can manage everything.


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Digital Proof of Service

Digital Proof of Service
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