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Quality Assurance & Control

Stay on top of today’s ever-changing regulations and quality standards with an integrated solution that delivers increased efficiency, visibility, and control in fast-paced work settings.


Organizing and tracking documents electronically allows companies to reduce costs and eradicate audit and compliance difficulties. Discover how a document control software system can help you increase productivity, collaborate on documents more efficiently, and maintain up-to-date documentation in a centralized, easily accessible repository.

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Document Control

You can automate all document routing, delivery, escalation, and approval processes while making search and retrieval of documents fast and simple during audits or inspections.

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Corrective & Preventive Action

Get control of your Corrective Action Preventive Action (CAPA) process by integrating your quality subsystems and track incidents that can escalate into a corrective action.

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Change Control

Utilize best practice forms that incorporate priority levels and prompt risk assessment and classification of the change as low, medium, or high.

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Quality Audit Management

Comply with regulations and quality standards, while increasing operational efficiency, improving product quality and accelerating time to market for a decided competitive advantage.

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Process Automation

True process automation for routing, notification, escalation, and approval of any process for faster turnaround. Documented processes, robust reporting, and detailed audit trails support your quality and compliance strategy.

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Compliance Management

A simple process can be incorporated within pre-configured forms that start with the processing of a complaint, automatically moving to internal investigation, and culminating with a resolution.


Document Control for Quality Assurance & Control


Document Governance - Understanding Risks & Best Practices

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Use Cases

From Human Resources to Accounts Receivable, every application/use case is different. See how Canon Solutions America can manage everything.


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Quality Assurance and Control

Quality Assurance and Control