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Document Integration

Bring Robust Document Management and Process Automation capabilities to your organization without hiring a 3rd party developer. Easily integrate with many other software solutions to increase the value of both products and make work processes more efficient.


Therefore™ is Canon's flagship Information Management solution. Therefore is designed to help employees achieve numerous gains in efficiency and productivity, while decreasing time spent on burdensome administrative tasks and paper intensive processes.

Therefore easily integrates with virtually any existing line-of-business system. By implementing award winning Document Management and Process Automation capabilities, your entire organization – including back office functions – can experience instant access to the documents and information required for efficient business processes, directly from their familiar interface.

Native Application Interface icon

Native Application Interface

Link-related documents and information to line-of-business applications. Users reference the information they need directly from within an ERP, CRM, SIS or any other application they're working in. Instead of waiting for information, decision criteria are presented to your staff in real-time.

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Integrated Image Enablement

Documents such as invoices, employment applications, emails, and orders drive your processes. Image Enablement integrated directly within Line of Business and ERP applications enables your staff to focus on their work rather than searching for documents.

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No 3rd Party Developer Needed

Visual tools and step-by step videos guide administrators through the process of connector configuration, index field set-up, application linking and hot key designations.

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Enhance Software Investment Functionality


Combining intelligent document management with workflow automation and integration with your line of business applications results in a complete solution that improves your business processes and extends the value of your current applications.

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See how Canon Solutions America can add integration capabilities to help increase value and efficiency within your organization.


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Integrated Document Management

Integrated Document Management
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