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Microsoft Exchange Server

Add value to your Exchange installation by seamlessly storing copies of your email traffic in secure and reliable repositories.

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Thereforeā„¢ has met Microsoft's highest standard for partner-developed software and is officially certified as a Microsoft Gold Application Development Partner.

Thereforeā„¢ Connector for Microsoft Exchange Server is an efficient tool to seamlessly save e-mails within Microsoft Exchange to a secure storage location in Therefore. Supporting the latest Azure platform, all emails in and out of the Exchange server are saved in a 2nd layer outside of the Exchange server as an aid in redundancy and compliance efforts. Additionally, the connector can be configured to save emails per your criteria based on any email property.

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Full Exchange Compatibility

The connector is compatible with all the latest versions of Microsoft Exchange and Exchange Online and it's also available with Therefore Online.

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Customizable Filters

Smart archiving features allow you to define custom filters based mailbox folders, subject lines, from addresses, or any email property so only relevant emails are saved while avoiding unnecessary or duplicate data.

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Compliance and Regulatory Support

Helps form part of your compliance strategy for legal, regulatory and organizational compliance requirements such as HIPAA, Sox and GDPR, by recording all targeted email messages.

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Straightforward Implementation

The connector is easy to set-up and use and provides a lightweight, high performance solution for storing Exchange emails in a robust and integrated external repository.

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Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft Exchange Server